Release Note : Shark Iteration 8

Changes on Existing Screens

Placement Edit

  1. Record Source fields added for Placement, Client, contact and billing contact. User can select from the drop down values ‘Database’, Direct’,’ Job Serve’,’ Linked In’, ’Seek’ etc. Record Source can be set as mandatory/ optional from company setting screen.



  1. Contractor tab Payroll Company Contact email address added






  • Changes in Sales Form Audit Process
    1. Once the sales Form is ‘Approved’ by the Auditor, No One will be able to generate the document
    2. The following documents will be attached on the respective action of ‘Sales Form Audit Process’.
    3. Only docs of type .pdf will be allowed.
    4. Contract extension/amendment/terminated placements will not have ‘Notify Payroll’ button visible.
Submit Sales Form
Sales Form
Notify Auditor, Notify Accounts
  • Sales form
  • Signed Contractor Contract
  • Signed Client Contract (if available) or client email confirmation if created should be attached


Only documents of type pdf


Client Edit

  1.  3 New fields added: Bank, Invoice Structure Type, and Client Source.


  1. Notes Tab ->’Client Visit’ added in Task Event

a)      Contact Edit->In Task event: New entry added ‘Client Visit’

b)      Now Matrix report Client Visit Attended and Client Visit Booked calculated based on Event/ task created from here.



Contact Edit

  1. ‘Resume Source’ field added on Contact Edit.



Job Edit

  1.   New fields ‘Vacancy’, ‘Filled’ added on the Job edit screen
  2.   When new job is created, Vacancy = 1
  3.   When any placement is created for the job, ‘Filled’ will increase by 1.
  4.   Contract to Permanent will not increase the count of ‘Filled’
  5.   Matrix Report: New Job and Jobs Open will show the (Vacancy – Filled) count instead of Job record count



 Candidate Edit

  •   ‘Resume Source’ field moved from Other’s Tab to main screen on Candidate Edit.




Candidate – Resume Repository

  1.   Go to Candidate ->Resume Repository
  2.   In the ‘Action’ column->new icon added ‘View RL Candidate’. It will appear only if we have candidate record in Recruitlive Database with matching email address.




  •   Clicking on this icon will  open the candidate edit screen with the details of the matching candidate



Placement Search

  1.  New search criteria added in Placement Search
    • Placement Search
    • Branch Lookup
    •  Work Site Region
    • Invoice Structure Type


  1.   Placement Type criteria will have some new values in the list. It will now display
    • Contract New : This will look for only New Contracts (not the extensions)
    • Contract Extn : This will search for  Contract extensions only
    • Contract Extn and Permanent :
    • New Contract and Permanent
    • Contract to Permanent
    • New search criteria added in Placement Search


  •  Record Source Added in Search Results
    • Record Source will be shown in the Search results of client, candidate.
    • The value of respective Record Source will be displayed along with the name of the client and candidate.
    • Placement Source will be displayed in the ‘Type’ Column, based on company level setting to show /hide.
    •  New feature ‘Export to Excel/pdf’ is also provided on the Placement search based on the setting at Company level.

 Holiday List, Mail template: Moved  in Admin Menu

  1.   Holiday List is now added under Admin Section. It was earlier under HR Menu






  •  Mail Template




New Menu Item – Maintenance

  1.   New Menu Item ‘Maintenance’ is added at root level.
  2.   Admin->Management section is moved here.
  3.   This Menu is based on the task ‘Allow system Maintenance’
    1. This menu would be visible to only those users who would be assigned the task to  ‘Allow System Maintenance’ task

2 3





‘Tenancy Migration’ icon in User Mail Details

  1. Go to Choose –> Admin–>Users–>List
  2.  Click on + icon under Action column-> Click on Details link in Mail Details section
  3. ‘Tenancy Migration’ would be visible on the screen



Town / County in address tab made as mandatory /Optional

  1.   Edit Contact Screen – Address Tab – based on company level setting Town/ County is made Mandatory/ optional
  2.   Edit Candidate Screen – Address Tab – based on company level setting Town/ County is made Mandatory/ optional

Client Advance search client:  System will now search on Postal Address

Contact Advance Search ->Address: Now system will search for contact address


New Module – Sale & Purchase

Sale & Purchase module: This module would enable the users to Process the Timesheets, Generate Invoices /Delete Manual Invoices and Post the Invoices in Navision. Following are the features this module would be supporting

1.  Create Pay Numbers and Pay periods. Pay periods will always start from Monday. Projected EFT Dates will be calculated against every Pay period

2.  Process Timesheets

3.  Add Adjustments for Timesheets. System will allow to add negative value in ‘pay Unit’ while creating an adjustment entry.

4.  Move the Timesheets and adjustment entries to a Pay Journal batch

5.  Generate and validate the Timesheet, EVR , Remittance Report

6.  Generate Invoices for the processed Timesheets

7.  Post the Invoices to the respective Navision company

8.  Consolidate the Posted Invoices

9.  Make provision in RL to communicate with the right webservice of the Navision on the basis of navision company selected at placement level

10.  Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing Contact ID

11.  Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing Contact Email Address

12.  Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing On PO

13. Posting of Credit Note when posting consolidated Invoices — List all credit notes which are not posted, post multiple or one in on go

14. Flow the projected EFT date to purchase invoice level

15.  Lock the generation of document by consultant after approved by auditor — Hide Email to accounts” and Contracts button from ribbon if “approved by Auditor” check box is ticked and saved for Consultant

16.  Allow Deletion of Invoices on the basis of Task Assigned – ” Allow Invoice Deletion”

17.  Delay in pay days will be affected with holiday list too which means projected eft dates will change accordingly

18.  In adjustmentline — enable payrolltax and gst we need to add the description in adjustment line will flow to invoice lines

19.  Posting of Credit Note when posting consolidated Invoices — List all credit notes which are not posted, post multiple or one in on go


Change Request

Issue description
Branding for Timesheet live /  Change in branding of timesheet live
On Edit Placement->Notes-> Placement ID will be added in the notes section for Auditor approval and pay number association.
Parse Email address from the body of the mail when seek job ad response is received and we want to use add candidate function
Add tag [Operartion Perfomed] in mail template which will be replaced with Payroll notified which currently is hard coded
On Placement Lock, Validate BSB No if at company level ->‘Validate BSB From Repository ‘ = ‘Yes’  else do not validate from the BSB master.
Contractor care email address can be set up at branch level also. If Branch level is not there, then system will pick from Company Level.
When any user is made Inactive or deleted, the system will show the popup to show how many Job Ads are advertised by that user and provide the hyperlink to open it in separate window. System will show the message: “Following Job adverts are advertised by this user, please have a look.”
When a new user is added, It should be get automatically added to the team ‘Everyone’.



Bugs & Fixes

Issue description
Issue in Timesheet Start and end week dates on placement search – timesheet list – FIXED









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