How to Generate, View Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoice Search Purchase Invoice a)      Go to Finance->Invoice List->Purchase b)      The following screen would be displayed. c)       User can search on various search criteria like  Invoice status,  Placement id,  Candidate name  Invoice ID d)      Based on the search criteria, […]

How to Process Timesheets

Create Journal Batch a)      Go to Admin->Codes b)      Select ‘Pay Journal’ from the drop down c)      User should have permission to create Pay Journal, only then  ‘Pay Journal’ will be listed in the drop down d)      The following screen would […]

How to Add Pay Numbers

How to Add Pay Numbers: a)      Go to Finance->Pay Numbers->The following screen would be displayed by the system. b)      The grid below displays the list of all Pay Numbers.    Pay Number list Following columns would be displayed in the […]