Release Note – Shark Iteration 7

 Changes on Existing Screens


Client->Edit->Company Info:

i. This screen will capture bank details for the Umbrella Company

ii. If user selects Entity Type  as ‘Umbrella Company’ and Client is of type ‘Internal’ , then the ‘Bank Details’ section will be visible

iii. These details are used in the placement screen when user selects the entity Name for entity type  = Umbrella  Companypic1


a) New tab – Bank is added.  This screen will allow the user to take the bank details of the candidate. This will be used in the Invoice generation.

b) Click on the tab. The following will be displayedpic2


c) Click on New. The following screen would be displayed. This will allow the user to save the candidate’s bank information.pic3


Placement Search

a) New search criteria added  – ‘Billing Contact’

b) Billing Contact is a lookup. This will search in the Placement edit->Client tab->’Contact to use’ field.pic4


Contract Placement Edit–>Contractor tab

 I.  Payroll Company Contact:

  • New Lookup field
  • Default value = Contractor name
  • If Umbrella company then billing Contact of the umbrella company


II. Bank Detail Section:

  • Already Existing. Change in the way information is displayed
  • Placement->Contractor tab -> Bank Details
  • By default, bank detail section will display the candidate’s Bank details
  • If Entity type = Umbrella company, then this section will display the Bank details of the Umbrella company. (captured on Client->company info for Umbrella company)

 Manage Documents

a) All Manage Documents screen across Recruit live

b) ‘Generated By’ column is added.

c) This will display the user who had uploaded the doc.6


Change Request from Users

  • Placement->Account Manager tab: Added GP1 %, GP2 %, GP3 %. These fields will also be available on the Sales Form also.
  • Performance Improvement- Dashboard – Contractors Box
  • Performance Improvement- Dashboard – Job Ad Responses Box
  • Team Leader wise job advertisement was not listing in rss feed
  • Change the resourcer  fee label as per locale
  • Change Super to Bonus for Europe Locale
  • Weekly report for Consultants Team wise Matrix Report – For Interpro
  • Matrix report : SQL job  to send the mails on schedule needs to be updated
  • Edit Advertise Screen –> Make Category dropdown default as BLANK
  • Backup done or failed notification
  • Add old backup file details also in the Backup reporting mail
  • Show Industry, Skills and Roles Report under ‘Report’  section based on “Allow Admin reports” right
  • Bible/ Contractor Report :  Change in calculation: Rate should be taken as per Effective Date.
  • Please add a new column called ‘Record Source’ against contact as well can candidate. Hence we will have two additional columns in this report.
  • Change template and values in contractor contract. New Tags added: Date, Job Title, Worksite address.

 Bugs & Tweaks

  • Combined Search issue is resolved.
  • Sales form Report: Standard Rates Column is not matching with the Net margin Percent on placement screen.
  • Permanent Placement calculation issue.
  • Tick sheet:  It should not depend upon the Status of Timesheet.
  • Core skills of new contacts updating with client’s skills.
  • In case of Withdrawal at placement level status are not getting updated on referral / send out level. Note should be stamped at placement level too if referral status is changed to WITHDRAWAL
  • Flaw with uploading client contracts on RL.
  • Core skills of new contacts updating with client’s skills.
  • Seek: Manager login is added when seek total adds allowed are completely utilized.