Troubleshooting TimesheetLive Admin


  • If a contractor or approver has trouble accessing the system there are a number of potential issues to check.

a.The most likely is they are not using the correct password.


If the password has to be change then reset the password by clicking the “Reset Password” or if user has lost his password and wants to get it again then by clicking the “Resend Password” button on Candidate/Contact screen.

In both cases password will be sent to user via email.

b.The timesheet tab in the placement has been changed or there is no timesheet type set up.


Correct value of Timesheet Type should be selected in Timesheet tab under Placement.

These are the only 2 things that once a placement has been made should prevent a user from accessing the system.


  1. Type of System alerts on saving the Placements:
    1. If the external access of the contractor/approver has not been created -an alert will be pop up as the placement is saved.
    1. If the external access of the contractor or for the approver has been marked as INACTIVE – an alert will be pop up as the placement is saved.

This alert pop up will appear for above two cases.

    1. If No Primary Approver has been set for the Timesheet Approval – an Error Message will be pop up as the placement is saved.

  1. The another problem with the Timesheets after logging in can be with the ‘Print preview’ of the timesheet.

Solution :

This problem can occur if Timesheet Template in Timesheets tab under Placements is not selected or a wrong template is selected. Correct Template selection will solve the issue.


  1. 4.       If Failure Notices of TSL notifications are received the mostly reason of failure is that the email address is not correct. In this case contact the Consultant so that he/she can update the respective Contractor/Approver Email address for which the failure notices were received.
  1. 5.       Change in the Rates during or in between, the contract is changing payable units in all new timesheets (timesheets to be submitted) but not in timesheets already saved or submitted for approval. For example,  earlier timesheets were saved with Per Hour, but now the contract has been changed to Per Day. But the timesheets which were previously saved / submitted are showing as for Per Hour.

 Contract Payable unit (per Hour) earlier

Contract Payable unit (per Day) now



 Solution :

The most likely solution to the problem In this case is that the Pay rate units must be selected carefully by the consultant however, if there is any instance then all the timesheets can only be modified from the backend and the developer should be contacted to do modification in the timesheets.

  1. 6.       Receiving of Reminders emails to submit the timesheet(s) to contractors even if the timesheet has already been submitted. There can be two possible reasons for that:
    1. If the existing placement has been extended for the same client in between the start date and end of the placement or during the week in which the previous placement is lying.
    2. If an applicant is placed for two different clients and start and end date of the candidate for second client lying in between the week of placement date with first client.

Solution :

    1. If there is an extension in the placement with same client it should be taken care to extend the placement after the period of previous placement comes to an end. However if the placement is extended in between the start and end date of the previous placement the contractor has to fill two timesheets  based on the days  lying in each placement and by selecting the respective client name from the dropdown available on the timesheet page.
    2. Similarly , the placement should be extended after the period of previous placement comes to an end. However if the placement is extended in between the start and end date of the previous placement the contractor has to fill two timesheets. The timesheet(s) should be filled selecting the client name from the dropdown for the days worked for each client, in this case there will be two different timesheets to fill which may be for the same week or for the different weeks (depends on the placement – extension start and end date).


  1. Receiving of auto generated reminders email notifications to submit pending timesheets when the contractor’s contract has already been finished or in case he/ she has been moved from TimesheetLive system to manual.

Solution :

It is advisable to submit all the timesheets which are pending before the contract comes to an end or if the contractor has been moved to manual

  1. 8.       There can also be an instance when the contractor was on leave during a week and do not fill the timesheet assuming that there is no need to fill it due to 0 hours/ days worked.


In this case also the contractor should tick option ‘Please tick here if you did not work this week.’ and add Comments as leave or zero hr/day to the comments section in the bottom of timesheet page. And Submit (not save) the same to his approver.





  1. Receiving of auto generated reminders email notifications to submit pending timesheets when the contractor’s contract has already been finished or in case he/ she has been moved to different company.


Solution :

It is advisable to submit all the timesheets (including leaves or no work or 0 hours timesheets) which are pending before the contract comes to an end or if the contractor has been moved to another company.

To stop the reminders for pending timesheets the Timesheet Type in Timesheet tab on Placement page can be changed to “Not required” for that particular contract.



  1. Getting session expired error on Timesheet Live page

If the page remains idle for long time it might be the reason of getting session expired error.


The user is suggested to relogin to the TimesheetLive, if the error still exist please contact helpdesk in that case.

  1. Behavior of TimesheetLive application for Purchase order:

To enter the purchase order on timesheet page the consultant has to select either single or multiple radio buttons from the placement page. In case of single Purchase order the user is allowed to enter the purchase order number on placement page (not a mandatory field) or he/she can enter the Purchase order number on timesheet page (in both single as well as multiple).



  1. If the placement is extended then the information in Timesheet tab on the placement page will be same as for the new placement and all the information from previous placement will carried to the placement extended except for “Timesheet from Date” field, which will get the value as per the start date of the placement extension.
  2. To edit the hours or days entered on the timesheet page.

Solution :

To delete the hours or days entered erroneously, the user simply can double click on the text entered and then press delete key.

  1. “View Timesheet” Link is not available to the contractor on TimesheetLive page.

In order to fill the timesheet the “View Timesheet” Link should be available on the Home Page as the contract login to the TimesheetLive. However if the link is not available he / she will not be able to submit the timesheet(s).


Even if the Placement was successfully saved and user access is created, View Timesheet link will not be available till the “Timesheet Type” is not selected from the Timesheet tab on Placement Page.


Please select the Timeheet Type and then the Template and save the Placement, it will allow the “View Timesheet” link to be appear on the Contractor’ TimesheetLive Home Page.


TimesheetLive Page:



  1. Points to be noted on the Timesheet page during re-submission of Timesheet on rejection.
    1. TimesheetLive does not allow the contractor(s) to amend their rejected timesheet start time, end time and break time with the value “0” as this would not populate the total time (column). Hence during saving of the timesheet screen an error message would be displayed.




b.    To successfully amend and submit their timesheet, the contractor(s) should empty out the Start time, end time and break time.





When setting up, have you….

Allowed access to the client record?

Checked the e-mail address for the Approvers and Contractor are correct?

Added the timesheet settings to the placement and selected the primary and secondary approvers?

Added the external access to the Approvers contact records?

Added external access to the Contractor?

Set the correct Timesheet Type i.e. TIME BASED?

Set the correct Timesheet Template?



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