[accordion_block title=”Autoreplies & Out of Office Messages”]
Email autoreply@ebit.com.au to modify your autoreply. The Subject line of your message is used to determine what is done.

  • “enable” sets the body of your email as an autoreply response and enables autoreply.
  • “disable” disables any autoreply that is set”
  • “show” displays your current autoreply, if any

Any other subject line will send you a help message.

[accordion_block title=”Webmail access”]The company has a webmail facility. To access this, go to and supply your email address and email password. If you do not have your email password, contact technical support who can supply it for you.

If you are using Office365 instead (currently addresses @interproeurope.com and @recruitlive.com.au) you should instead go to the Office365 Mail Portal, http://mail.office365.com.

[accordion_block title=”Door access (Sydney)”]
All staff should have an access card which will let them in the doors on their floor, typically from around 7am to around 9pm. From around 8:30am to 5:30pm the doors will be “open”. In fact, the first person to swipe their card after the doors “open” unlocks that door for the rest of the day.

If you do not have an access card, talk to technical support who will issue one to you.

Access to the lifts and lobby (which lock down after 6pm and on weekends) requires a different access card which is issued by the building manager. These are in very short supply; most staff will not have one. If you need to get in after hours, your best bet is probably to call the support line where there may still be somebody at the desk to let you in.[/accordion_block]