Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension is developed to enable Adding Candidates and Contacts Directly to RL from Linked IN using Google Chrome Browser.

It also provides the functionality to search anything from the browser into Recruitlive as a Combined search on first name, family name/last name, skills, roles, email, Phone number and ID.

A combined List of Candidates and Contacts is displayed based on the text selected.

Steps to install and use of extension in Google are as follows:

1. Open Google chrome and drag and drop the installer file here and click on ADD button.


2. RL will be added in Chrome as shown below.


3. Click on “Options”


4. It will open in new tab as shown below, to enter Recruitlive URL.


5. Click on Save and settings will be saved successfully.


6. Open Google Chrome  and search for anything, Do right click on the selected text, Following options will show:

  • RL -> New candidate
  • RL -> New Contact

Search for “<Selected Text>”


From here user can create directly a new candidate or new contact or make a search in Recruitlive as per need.

And if user wants to add new candidate or new contact from LinkedIn, then that is also possible. All the public profile details can be added in RL as shown below.

77. New candidate screen will open in new tab and it will extract all the details on RL new candidate page.


8. Same for new contact.


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