How to Add Pay Numbers

How to Add Pay Numbers:

a)      Go to Finance->Pay Numbers->The following screen would be displayed by the system.

b)      The grid below displays the list of all Pay Numbers.



 Pay Number list

Following columns would be displayed in the screen above.

       ID     Display the ID of the Pay Number
       Pay Number Name This is the Pay Number name. This column is a hyperlink which will take you to the Edit-PayNumber screen
      Company Name    Display the company Name
      Company Ph No.     Display the company Phone number
      Tax Year     Display the Tax year
      Pay Period     This is the sequence No. of the first Open Pay Period
      Starting Date     Starting Date of the open Payperiod
      Ending Date     Ending  Date of the open Payperiod
  • Delete : option to delete the pay number
  • View Pay periods
  • Contractor sheet Repor

New Pay Number

a)      Go to Finance->Pay Numbers->Ribbon bar->Action->Pay Number


b)      This screen will allow the user to create a new Pay number.

c)      The company Name, company ABN would be populated fr0m the company details screen

d)      In case the user has the admin rights ‘Allow to Lock Placement’. Only then the user will be able to edit the above fields.




e)      Following fields are mandatory

    Pay Number Name      Name of the Pay Number

  Name of the Company. Gets populated from the Company   details

   Company ABN   Company ABN No. Gets populated form the company details screen

f)      Click on Ribbon Bar->Edit->Save->The pay number will be saved and user will be redirected to edit Pay Number screen

g)      Address, Main Phone, Main Fax would get populated from the company details screen.

h)      In case of Admin user only, the fields mentioned in the above step would be editable. For other users, the fields would not be editable.

i)      User can enter the details in ‘Accounts’ details and save.


j)      Click on Edit->‘Pay Periods’ to add the Tax year and Pay periods.

k)      User can check the contractor sheet report by clicking on Reports->’Contractor Sheet Report’

Edit Pay Number

a)      Finance->Pay Numbers->The pay numbers will be displayed in the list.

b)      The Column ‘Pay Number Name’ is a hyperlink

c)      Click on the desired Pay number

d)      Edit screen will be displayed

e)      User can make the appropriate changes and click on Save.



 Delete Pay Number

  1. Finance->Pay Numbers->The pay Numbers will be displayed in the list
  2. In the right hand side, we have column ‘Action’. Option to ‘Delete’ is visible.



  1. Click on the ‘Delete’ icon. System will ask for user confirmation. Once user confirms, the Pay Number will be deleted.
  2. The system will delete only is that Pay Number is not linked to any placements. If the pay Number is linked to any placement, the system will display validation message and will not delete the Pay Number.

Contractor Sheet Report

  1. Finance->Pay Numbers->The pay Numbers will be displayed in the list
  2. In the right hand side, we have column ‘Action’, an icon to generate ‘Contractor Sheet Report’ will be visible
  3. Click on the icon. The report will be generated in Excel.
  4. It will list the Placements which lie in the selected Pay Number.
  5. Placement should be configured for the selected Pay number
  6. The details of the contractor and the timesheet will be listed in the report.
  7. Projected EFT Date column will have value only when the timesheet  has been processed i.e moved to Pay Journal batch.
  8. Projected Date  will be shown based on the value selected in Placement->Contractor tab ->Payment Terms
    1. Weekly: Will show the Weekly EFT Date
    2. Fort Nightly : Will Show the Fort Night EFT Date of the
    3. 4 Weekly: Will show the Four Weekly EFT of the Pay Period
    4. Calendar Monthly: Will Show the Calendar Monthly EFT for the Pay Period.
    5. Others :
    6. After Client Pays :





















Tax year and Pay Period

Add Tax Year

a)      Finance–>Pay Numbers->View Pay Periods


Finance->Pay Numbers->Edit Pay Number->View Pay Periods

b)      Click on ‘Add Tax Year’

c)      The following screen would be displayed



d)      Enter the starting date. The system accepts that the Starting Date should be a Monday. In case user selects any other day, system will show validation message.

e)      Enter the  Pay period frequency  -> As per the current scenario Pay period would always be ‘Fortnight’ , so select ‘Fortnight’ in the drop down –>Click on Save

f)      System will create the pay periods based on the Pay period frequency and will be displayed

g)      The projected dates for every pay period will also be calculated and displayed

h)      Weekly EFT Date, Fortnightly EFT Date, Four Weekly EFT Date, Calendar Monthly EFT Date

i)       These dates are calculated based on the Period end date and the ‘Delay In pay’ value in the company settings. In case any holiday is there on any date, the dates are adjusted accordingly




Delete Tax Year

a)      Finance–>PayNumbers->View Pay Periods


Finance->PayNumbers->Edit PayNumber->View Pay Periods

b)      Select a record and click on ‘Delete Tax Year’



c)      System will delete all the pay periods for that year after getting confirmation from the user.


Edit pay Period

a)      Finance->Pay Numbers->In the right Column ->Click on View Periods

b)      Select a record and click on ‘Edit pay Period’ button on top



c)      System allows to change the Start date, End date of the period

d)      Enter the details->Click on Save->record will be saved.


Open / Close pay Period

a)           Finance->Paynumbers->View Periods

b)           Select the record(S) and click on ‘Close Pay period’


c)           The period will be closed and the Date will be stamped in the ‘Closed’ Column.

d)           To Open the Pay Period, Select the record(s) and click on ‘Open Pay Period’. The closed column will be made blank and the pay period will be opened.

14 15





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