How to create new employee account in Exchange, Ad & RL


Step 1 > Create an email account in Exchange.

  •  Login in  Office 365 with admin credentials.
  • In the header, click Admin.
  • On the Admin page, in the left pane, under Management, click Users.
  • On the Users page, click New, and then click User.

  • On the Details page, complete the user information.

  • On the Settings page, if you want the user to have an administrator role, select Yes, and select an administrator role from the list

  • Under Set user location, select the user’s work location, and then click Next.
  • On the Assign licenses page, select the licenses that you want to assign to the user, and then click Next.

  • On the Send results in email page, select Send email to send the user name and temporary password (Office 365 creates the password automatically) for the newly created user to yourself and the recipients of your choice by email. Type email addresses separated by semicolons (;), and then click Create. You can enter a maximum of five email addresses.
  • On the Results page, the new user name and temporary password are displayed. When you’re finished reviewing the results, click Finish.

Steps 2 > Create  Windows Account

  • Login to server
  • Start > Active directory Users & computers

  • Select the domain >> user type >> location

  • Create the new user account

  • Add the required domain services

  • Create the folder in \\\Profiles\$username
  • Add the folder location in profile tab

  • When user will login with specified credentials following folders will create.

Step 3 Create Recruitlive account

  • Login to RL with admin credentials
  • Select Admin tab>> Users >> New
  • Add the employee details  & Save


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