How to Process Timesheets

Create Journal Batch

a)      Go to Admin->Codes

b)      Select ‘Pay Journal’ from the drop down

c)      User should have permission to create Pay Journal, only then  ‘Pay Journal’ will be listed in the drop down

d)      The following screen would be displayed.



e)      Click on the ‘New’ button on the right side of the screen







f)      A small window will open on the screen.

g)      User can fill the details here and click on ‘Save’.

h)      The new Batch created will be saved and visible in the list.








Search Timesheets

a)      Go to Finance->Pay Timesheets->Timesheets

b)      The following screen would be displayed


c)      The user first needs to select the Pay number.

d)      The user can now choose from various other search criteria like    Client Name, Candidate, Job Name, Entity name

e)      Pay Number will display the Pay number along with the current active Pay period

f)      Enter the search criteria and click on ‘Search’ button

g)      Records will be displayed in the grid

  1. All  timesheets whose weekending date lies in the current active pay period of the Pay number will be displayed
  2. All timesheets of selected Pay Number of previous pay periods which have not been processed will also be displayed.


Which timesheets will be picked up

All the time sheets whose Placement’s->Pay Number = Selected Pay Number and the Timesheets status = approved

and Pay Amount > 0.

  1. Pay Number = selected Pay number
  2. Status = Approved
  3. Pay Unit >0
  4. Rate of the placement >0
  5. Weekending Date of TS <= Pay period End Date

 Add Adjustment Line

a)      To add adjustments for any  Placement, click on the ‘Adjustment Line’ icon on top of the grid

b)      The Adjustment screen would be displayed.

c)      Select Placement ID on the screen. This  will load the placement level information on the adjustment screen


d)      You can select the placement (checkbox in the ‘Action’ column) and then click on the ’+’ icon. This will load the Timesheet details  on the adjustment screen


e)      Select the  week ending Date for which the adjustment needs to be added


f)      All the existing timesheets and adjustment lines for that week will be displayed in the list.

g)      All the details of the placement of rate, GST, payroll tax etc  would be loaded in the various fields listed on the screen

h)      Select the Transaction type and Pay Units required for the adjustment entry.

i)      Pay Units can be a ‘-ve ‘value also.

j)      GST, Payroll Tax, Pay Unit are editable. User can change the rate, GST, Payroll tax if required. All the other fields like Margin, Charge rate, Pay rate, Pay amount will be calculated accordingly

k)       System does not allow to add adjustment for a week for which there is no original Timesheet.

l)      The system will check if the  sum of Pay Amount > Charge Amount for all the adjustment entries of the placement for that week including the current adjustment entry.   Only then the adjustments will be allowed to save

m)      Once all the details are entered ->Click on Save. The adjustment will be added on the screen in Red color.


Timesheet Validation report

a)           To view the Timesheet validation Report. Click on the icon  ‘Timesheet Audit Report’.



b)           The report would be generated on the screen

c)           In this case adjustment records will not be displayed in the report. Only the placement Timesheet records would be listed.


Move to Batch

a)           Select the records and click on the ‘Move to batch’ icon


b)    For moving to Batch, following should be fulfilled

  1.  Timesheet should be fully approved
  2.  Billing Contact address should be filled
  3.  Bank Details should be filled for  the placement.
  1.  Placement should be locked
  2.  The selected Batch should not have any Timesheet in ‘Audited’ stage.
  3.   Navision Company should be selected

c)    Small window will be displayed. Choose the Appropriate Pay journal. You can either ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Load’






d)    ‘Save‘ will move the timesheet to the selected journal. The control will go back to Pay timesheet screen. That timesheet will not be visible in the grid now.

e)    ‘ Save & Load‘  will move the selected timesheets to the pay journal and load the journal batch screen.

b)      Once the Timesheets are moved to Batch, their status will change to ‘Processing’.

c)      Editing, rejection will not be allowed on these timesheets.

d)      Merge /Purge will not be allowed  for these  clients, Contacts, candidates whose timesheets are Pay journal batch.














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