How to use MORL?

1.   What is MORL

MORL is the addins provided by Recruitlive to integrate Recruitlive – with Microsoft Outlook.

2.   Benefits Of MORL

2.1         Fewer efforts required for creating candidate, contact and uploading documents on Recruitlive.

2.2         Saves consultants time.

3.   What do I need to use it

The users would need

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013
  • Run MORL setup provided by Recruitlive

4.   Using MORL

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select any email->Right click-> In the end you would be able to see the option Recruitlive as below
  3. All the default search correspond to the email Id of the sender of the selected email

  • Or Through the Ribbon on the top of Outlook


  1. Double click any email
  2. ‘Recruitlive’ tab would be visible along with File & message

3.1   How can I add a New Candidate

To create a new candidate

Select the email-> Right Click ->Recruit live-> New Candidate

  • The system would populate the First name, Last name, Email, and populate the Note field with the message body of the email.

  • System extracts the phone No. from the email body and populated the Mobile field.
  • .Clicking of ‘Extract Core Skill’, ‘Extract Core Role’ would extract the roles, skills from the attchment document of the email.
  • When user Clicks on ‘Search & Save’, the list of similar records if any would be listed.

Various action buttons are available in the extreme left of the list.

  • Resume Quick View
  • Download Resume
  • Quick Address
  • Update Resume : When user clicks on this button, he system would update the resume and all the fields listed in the new candidate screen above.(First Name, Last Name, Region, Country, Resume, Mobile, Email, Core Role, Core Skill).


3.2   How can I add a new Contact Record

To create a new candidate

Select the email-> Right Click ->Recruit live-> New Contact

  • The system would populate the First name, Last name, Email, and populate the Note field with the message body of the email.

  • System extracts the phone No. from the email body and populated the Mobile field
  • When user Clicks on ‘Search & Save’, the list of similar records if any would be listed.

Various action buttons are available in the extreme right of the list.

  • Deactivate Contact
  • Quick Contact details


3.3   How can I View a Candidate / Contact Record

To View a candidate / Contact record

Select the email-> Right Click ->Recruit live-> View Record

The system would search for the candidate/ Contact with the respective emailID in the Recruit live combined search screen and display the results.


3.4   How can I add a New Note


To create a New Note

Select the email-> Right Click ->Recruit live-> New Note

  • The screen loads all the available contacts/ candidates with the respective emailId (The sender of the selected email).

However user can use the search on top right corner to search as per his criteria.

  • The System allows the user the option to add the note for either or both ‘Candidate’ or ‘Contact’.
  • User can select the respective category to add the note for.
  • The user has the option to ‘Load email Body’ in the notes section or type his own content.


3.5  How can I upload my emails to Recruitlive


To upload emails from outlook to Recruitlive emails

Select the email-> Right Click ->Recruit live-> Export to Recruitlive

When user clicks on the option, the respective email would be exported to Recruit live and would be listed in the email history tab of the candidate/ contact.

When successful, the following message would be prompted to the user.

The exported emails would be listed in the ‘Email History’ tab of the respective contact/ candidate.

And are also listed in the Notes Tab with category = ‘MORL’



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