The process itself is very straightforward, although it will appear lengthy because of all the detail I’ll include with each step along the way. But there are a few things that be mindful of, best practices if you will, and I want to address those first

  1. Always make a backup of the objects in the Live Database that you will be updating (replacing) – this process is outlined in more detail later in this post.
  2. It is a good idea to ask all the users to log out of NAV before importing / replacing objects.  Especially if the object you will be updating is a commonly used object (like an object related to Sales, Purchases, Customers, Vendors, etc.). Please send the service interference email beforehand.
  3.  If there are a lot of objects that are being updated, it may be a good idea to make a complete backup of the database. Better safe than sorry.


Copying the new objects from the TFS (Team foundation Server)

  1. Login to the terminal server / with ‘administrator’ or your own admin credentials.  Open Internet Explorer and type in the TFS address
  1. Go to the “Source” tab, Click on the button labeled “Find changesets“.
  1. Then in the “Range” section, select “Changeset number” then fill in the from & to fields (example changeset number – Anju will email the changeset number) and click Find.
  1. It will show the matching changeset down the bottom, click the changeset number on the left.
  1. Save all files into a folder (in C:/deployment/changeset number) as a .txt file which will be imported into Navision (You should see 50048.txt (example), save that & keep it for the deployment) Please not the folder name should be same as the changeset number to avoid any confusion.

Taking backup of the old objects

IMPORTANT: Select and export a copy of the objects in the Destination folder which are about to be replaced. You will need this in case something goes wrong or you want to revert back to the way things were. Below are the steps:

  1. First change the system date so that the year is 2007.
  2. Open start à run – finsql ( Navision sql client ), Cancel initial login window and if another login window pops up, cancel that as well
  3. We need to change the License key first, for that Go to Tools menu, License Information then click Change at bottom right. Browse to the desktop, open the Dialog one then accept license then close license window and go to File->Database->Open. Server name is EBIT-NAVISION, DB is Nav_Live2, user ID is itsecure, password is ****** and Auth type is database server, that should already be set.
  1. Once you are in, open the Object Designer (listed under the Tools menu; you can also get to it by pressing Shift + F12)
  2. Find and select the object you want to export: Let’s assume you would like to copy table 21, which is the Customer ledger entry. Click on table from the list of Object types. The click in the ID column and type in 21 (or navigate to that table number). When you click once on the row that shows Page 21, an arrow will appear in the white box to the left. This confirms that our object is selected.
  3. Click on File > Export. The Export Objects window will appear. Make sure the Save as type: is set to “txt” and type in the default name for the file and select a location to save to (changeset folder). Click Save. Basic practice for the default name is “backup_schema_object number” example backup_tbl_21.txt.
  4. File is now saved / exported and ready to import.

Importing the new objects into Navision

  1. Connect / log in to the database( if not already) , and open the Object Designer (listed under the Tools menu; you can also get to it by pressing Shift + F12)
  2. Click on File > Import. Browse and locate the .txt files that you had saved from TFS. ( c:/deployment/changeset number)  Click Open. Import all the files one by one.
  3. To compile, select all the objects that you have imported then go to Tools > Compile (or press the F11 key). In case there are any error messages, please contact Anju.

Don’t forget the change the system date back to the present year.


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