Recruitlive Iteration Shark 17

1          Sales and Purchase

1.1           New Icon added in Credit Note list to open Credit Note report.


New icon has been added to Credit Note list to open Credit Note report.

Finance-Credit Notes Listscreenshot



Credit Note Report screenshot



Also invoices can be directly viewed by clicking on invoiceids.

1.2           EVR Report will have only non-margin only records.


Entry validation report will have lines of only non – margin only placements. If in case all the records are Margin Only then EVR will be blank along with message:

None of the lines have Non Margin Only Records


Entry Validation Report screenshot(with all records as Margin Only)



In case any of the record is non-margin only then they will be shown in this report

Entry Validation Report screenshot(with non Margin Only records)




1.3           Change in Manual Sales Invoice screen


Manual sales invoice screen has now been updated. User can select invoices and add /edit manual entry along with sales invoice lines to them or simply add new manual invoices by selecting placement ids.

Finance-Sales Invoices-Manual Sales Screen shot (by selecting invoices on List):


Finance- Sales Invoices –Manual Sales Screen shot (by selecting placement ids):




1.4           New Manual Purchase Invoice screen


User can now add Purchase invoices manually also. There are two ways to add Purchase invoices manually:

  • By selecting already existing purchase invoices. User can select any purchase invoice in purchase invoice list and click on  button.  Relevant data will be already filled.

Finance-Purchase Invoices –Manual Purchase Screen shot (with existing invoice data):




  • By directly clicking on button. User can add new manual purchase invoice by selecting placement id. Data saved for that particular placement will get filled in respective fields. Manual purchase lines can then be added.

Finance- Purchase Invoices –Manual Purchase Screen shot (by selecting placement ids):











2         Changes on Existing screens


2.1           Internal Employee Leave Management

To manage the Leaves of the Internal Employee we have designed this module which will keep track on balance of leaves and will also not allow to apply the leave  whose balance is not sufficient. It will also highlight the Public Holidays while filling the timesheets. To achieve following will be the work flow:-

On the basis of Employee type i.e. Permanent/ Contract etc. Leave types will be defined and are set at branch level. These employee types are also customizable from Admin à Library Codes à Employee Type


For each Leave Type at branch level we will assign the Employee types for which it will be applicable.

Company à Branch List à Select Branch à Leaves



On click   it opens the popup to fill Leave Employee Type and Rule text. Here we can manage which leave type -Employee Types relation and Rule/ criteria/ description of the Leave kind.


Here on this Leave tab if Need Tracking is ticked then we will add the validations while applying / approving the leaves regarding balance of leaves. If balance is >0 then only those leaves will be allowed.


Max Days defined at branch level will get pre-populated at Edit Contact à HR Tab. It means following leaves will be allowed per Leave calendar i.e. from 1 Jul 2015 to 30 Jun 2016.

Leave module Cut-off date is set at Company level i.e. Admin à Company à Details à Settings Tab


Based on the Cutoff date Leave calendar will be defined which will be simply 12 months from the Leave Module Cut Off Date

Now open an Employee record from the Admin à Users à List – Open any User preferences screen àEmployee Name à View icon


On click it will open the Edit Contact Screen à Go to HR Tab. Select the appropriate Type as shown below, fill start date, Work Site Region and Effective from date. Based on the Work Site Region and Effective from Date Public Holidays will be applicable for that period.

e.g. If a consultant is working for few days  in another region and during that period we want that public holidays of that region will be applicable then it will be achieved as follows:-

Region Effective From Holidays of the period
SYD 1 Jan 2015* From 1 Jan 2015 onwards for SYD Region will be applicable
MEL 14 Jun 2015* From 14 Jun 2015 onwards MEL region will be applicable
SYD 28 Jun 2015* From 28 Jun 2015 onwards for SYD Region will be applicable
*        Means that date is also inclusive.




Public holidays are defined at Admin àHolidays

When we click the History icon adjacent to Effective From Date field it will open a Popup in which it will show the list of all Region wise effective date history.



Against each Leave type we can fill the opening balance, allowed per year will be prepopulated from the branch screen if it is already filled there else it will be zero.

Per days are calculated as: Allowed per Year / 260 * no of working days including Start date

Per Month is calculated as: Allowed Per Year / 12

Note: Balance will be calculated of the whole leave calendar year (as mentioned above) and it will only consider the approved leaves and for the month of start and finish it will be take the pro rata basis leave balance.

When we click the icon in the Action column as shown in above screenshot, it will open the leave calendar in a popup and will show the month wise detail of opening , accrued, taken , taken details which means dates on which leave is taken.

Leaves which are approved in advance will be highlighted in Red color.



At the time of applying advance leaves, system shows the balance Before and After and if in a period any public holiday is falling then it will only deduct for working days.


At the time of approval too it will show the validation if the balance is not more than ZERO.



At the time of submitting the timesheets, system will show the public holidays in different color i.e. Yellow and also its name under the Timesheet date. It also ticked the Full day leave checkbox and automatically  sets the leave type drop down with “Public Holiday” leave.


If any other leave type is selected then system shows the message, as shown below.


At the time of approval of the timesheet public holiday name is also shown under the comments box and it will also show the actual leave type applied for that day.


If we try to open it from the  Reports à HRà Attendance on click of approved leave then also we show the Balance Before and After.


In the Reportsà HR à Leave Balance, is the report to show the leave balance report in summary and detail with export to XLS and PDF format. In the export to XLS for each employee different sheet will be used, see the report sample attached.

To export the report as Summary report please tick the checkbox as shown above.




1.2           New Icon added in Candidate List to show Html Version of Resume along with text version of Resume

  • User can now view Resume of word format in Html version also along with text version. New icon has been added in Candidate list

Candidateà Listà View screenshot


  • On click on this icon Resume will be displayed in HTML format.


  • ON mouse hover on View Resume icon the Html version of the resume will render for word documents. Note that for this to enable  user need permissionsOpen Resume on Mouse Over”






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