Recruitlive – Sale & Purchase Iteration 19

1.1           Export Sales Invoice to CSV option has been added on Sales Invoice list screen.

All posted Sales Invoices can now be exported to CSV.

Finance Sales Invoice List screenshot


CSV file list screenshot


On click of above button Sales Invoice list can be downloaded in CSV format. Each file will have maximum 50 records.

1.2           91 – timesheet units added in RL ticksheet report after first run, should be highlighted in different color code


  • Reports -> Timesheet Live -> Tick sheet Report
  • Timesheet units added will be shown in different color code

3 4 5


1.3           Point no 315: Output CSV file option for exporting posted sales Invoices


  • Output CSV file option can be generated by exporting ‘Posted’ sales Invoices
  • Placement -> Timesheet
  • For placement with CBA client –
    • Add normal Timesheet
    • Add additional line
  • 9
  • Finance -> Timesheet -> Pay timesheet
  • For timesheet with CBA client
    • Add adjustment line
  • 10
  • Post batch and Generate Sales Invoices and post them
  • 11
  • Finance -> Sales Invoice List
  • Select status – ‘Posted’
  • Select Client – Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
  • Click ‘Export Sales Invoice’ excel icon to generate output cba csv
  • 12 13
  • Open generated CBA output csv file
  • 14
  • The Invoice details in csv file should match the invoice details
  • Header lines and columns (structure and names) should be unchanged – i.e. they should be same as in old csv file generated from Navision
  • Sample of output cba csv from Navision






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