Recruitlive – Sale & Purchase Iteration 20

1. Reason can be added to UnAudit Pay Journal lines

To audit pay journal line right “Audit Pay Journal Batch” is required. On the basis of this right user is allowed to audit / unaudit the batch. When user clicks on Process button, pay journal lines are available till Generate Invoice. User can either unaudit or generate invoice.2

When clicked on Unaudit , unaudit reason is required to be filled.3






Then mail will be sent to the email mentioned in TS Processing Team mentioned in Company Details page. If left blank then user can add sender manually.

Admin -> Company -> Details->Settings tab screenshot:4


Compose email box will appear along with three latest generated reports attached and unaudit reason mentioned in mail body.5

2.  Multiple selection filter on Contract Timesheet screen

User can now filter timesheets with multiple timesheet systems and timesheet status

Finance -> Import Timesheet -> Contractor Timesheet screenshot:1


Note:- Also note that Contract Timesheet is moved under Import Timesheet of Finance tab.

3. New column Placement fee value added in Sales Form Report

Reports -> Placement -> Sales Form Report screenshot:2


4. New button “Not Supplied” added adjacent to PO Number in Placement screen — both Contract and Permanent placement type

New button “Not Supplied” is added near PO Number field.

Edit Placement -> Client tab screenshot:3 4













5.  Send an automated report to Contractor Care team email address and Accounts Email Address where Po number is :”Not Supplied”

An automated report will be sent daily at 00:15 hrs to Company level Contractor Care team email address and company level accounts email address where PO Number is: “Not Supplied”.


Subject: <CompanyCode> :  PO Number is not supplied

Body: Hi team, <br>Please find attached list of placements where PO number is required but it is not provided. <br><br>Please look into it on priority.<br><br>Regards<br>Recruitlive Support Team

Screenshot of CSV report sent through mail:5


6. RL Export XML

New feature has been added to download the XML of each module specified below :

Placement XML

Edit Placement -> Export XML button :6 7

Sales Invoice XML:8 9



Purchase Invoice XML:

10 11It is based on right “Allow to Download Placement XML”.

127. Company level setting for saving Default Reminder Timesheet Types

New setting added at company for default reminder timesheet types. At company level settings page multiple selections of timesheet systems can be done. Also another field has been added at company. This email recipient list will accept multiple emails and will receive all missing timesheet reports.



Missing timesheet report screenshot:



8. Timesheet  setting: Manual to Online and vice-versa

When we change any manual type TS to Online Timesheet Type timesheet system then system should open a popup and ask an effective date from which it should be applicable and a reason to do so. This can be checked at two screens:

  1. Edit Placement Screen — > Timesheet Tab –> Timesheet System DropDown
  2. Placement search screen –> timesheet setting popup –> Timesheet System DropDown

Note that Effective from and reason both are mandatory fields and effective date should be week ending date. Effective Date should be greater than placement start date and timesheet start date and less then equal to weekending of placement end date.



9. PO Date on Manual Sales Invoice

New field PO Date is added on manual sales invoice similar to the one added in Edit Sales Invoice screen.

Add Manual Sales Invoice screenshot:

410. New field to mark active / inactive on Pay Number

A new field is introduced in pay number active: Yes / No


In Finance -> Pay -> Timesheets -> Pay Number  field  will show only active pay numbers .

Note that Placement — timesheet tab — pay number drop down will list all irrespective of active / inactive pay number .

11.  Ask for UnAudit Reason

Reason can be added to unaudit lines in Pay Journal Batch Screen

  1. Right is required “Audit PayJournal Batch” to unaudit pay journal lines.
  2. On the basis of this right User should be allowed to Audit / Un Audit the batch  —   Process button should be available  till Generate Invoices button/ functionality — Confirm Pay UI should not be shown.

Finance-> Pay -> Journal batch screenshot:

6On Click of UnAudit — ask the reason in a popup  which is mandatory.


Once unaudit reason is added, manager login screen appears.











Mail To will be TS processing Team email address which will be set at company level if it is not filled then simply open the mail compose without any mail to it is upto user whether they want to send the mail or not.


Attach the three reports which are latest generated.


12.  Fetch Billing Client details in placement screen

Setup a parent client relation so that for a placement different Billing client can be used.

It will help in generating invoices where Billing client is another Agency while hiring client is different.

We need to post the client in that case to Navision too if hiring and billing client are different.

From Pay Timesheet onwards i.e. Pay Journal Batch, Invoices always show the Billing Client Name instead of Hiring Client Name.

Edit Placement screenshot:

1We can now set different billing contact also. On selection of contact following fields get autopopulated and values change accordingly:

  1. Registered Client Name
  2. ABN
  3. Entity Type
  4. Contact to Use
  5. Source
  6. Street1
  7. Street 2
  8. Suburb
  9. Region
  10. Post code
  11. Country
  12. Phone
  13. Fax
  14. PO required
  15. PO Number
  16. PO type
  17. Invoice Frquency and comments
  18. Payment Terms and Comments

Edit Placement -> Client tab screenshot:

2Placement search screenshot:


13. Approval Date added as a filter criteria in Contractor Timesheet list screen and Candidate ID added as a column on Contractor Timesheet report

New filter criteria Approval Date  added on Contractor Timesheet list screen.

Finance -> Timesheet -> Search TS screen:

4Contractor Timesheet Report:

514.  Send the TS Acknowledgement Mail and SMS to Non TSL Contractors

Two new company level setting “Send the TS Acknowledgement Mail to Non TSL Contractors: Yes/No” and “Send the TS Acknowledgement SMS to Non TSL Contractors: Yes/No” are added.  When this setting is on contractor will receive acknowledgment mail and SMS on approval of timesheet.

Admin -> Company Details -> Settings screenshot:6



Acknowledgment Mail screenshot:7



15. Sales Invoice Tab in Edit Client Screen

Edit Client: When FINANCE is ON, then only System will show “Invoice” tab on edit client screen. It will list on the basis of client and billing client as Internal filter.

8User can filter records on the basis of Contractor name, Account Manager and Type of Placement (Contract/Permanent/Both). Also, you can export it into XLS format.

Permanent entry will show with different colour background.9

Change Requests:

1. Update the missing PO number from UI on TS and Invoices which are filled without it/ generated
2. Sales Invoice Reposting: PO number not getting updated on Navision on reposting of sales invoice on
3. Sales Invoice Reposting: Description not getting updated on reposting of sales invoice
4. Sales Invoice XML — Notional pay rate charge rate case
5. Sell TO Client and Bill to Client will be different on Sales Invoice
6. sales invoice list screen: search for permanent sales invoice by Invoice ID without ticking the permanent placement checkbox
7. opening draft mail from reminder ts shows default loggedin user email address instead of company level non tsl reminder sender address

8.Restrict TSL from getting manual TS filled and approved or reject simply hide the approve/ rejected/ submit/ save button for manual ts

9. Sales Invoice Reposting — check for fields Client Address, PO , Comments, description, Email address
10. Missing and reminder TS : show Stop Reminder comments in Red Color in UI and XLS , PDF
11. Opening draft mail from reminder ts shows default loggedin user email address instead of company level non tsl reminder sender address
12. Online timesheets should not be allowed to be submitted from RL

Bugs & Fixes:

1. Error 500 when adding Manual Sales Invoice
2. Reminder TS screen issues
3. Test 11833: No Note stamped at placement level when PO Date Required changed on client and issue with PO Date validation
4 .Test 11684: Error thrown when no search criteria selected in contractor timesheet screen.
5. Empty search criteria message on click of Missing TS button
6 .Test 11800:Double PO date text box are coming on Edit sales Invoice when opening from Edit placement -> Invoice tab -> Invoice ID
7. Performance Report, Bible Report, Sales Form Report, Placement Details Report and Sales Register report issues.
8. Test 11812: Base Fee showing 2 decimal places on sales form
9. Timesheet error for Perm placement when trying to withdrawal candidate
10. Sales Invoice:” This property cannot be set to a null value ” coming when clicked on WE link on Sales Invoice screen
11. Paynumber issues: Not allowing to change the company name and for new paynumber by default wrong dates are showing
12. Test 11775: Issue in report and mail didnt send to Customer care email addresses
13. Test 11858: For blank “Non-TSL TS Reminder Sender Address”, Error 500 is coming: