Release Note – Back Office – Iteration 38

1          Standard Deduction section changes:

If deduction is selected and applied i.e. Yes is selected then only relevant fields (value/value per/chargeable) will be enabled to be modified. Document and Expiry date related fields will be disabled.


Similarly if deduction is selected and not applied i.e. No is selected then other set of relevant fields (document and date related) will be enabled to be edited. (value/value per/chargeable) will be disabled in this case.


1          Placement Search: New filters Document type and Document Date added:

New filters Document Type and Document Date added on placement search screen. User can search placements based on document type or date on which document is created.


1          Address & Tel Tab: Restriction to select from Postal code only, based on setting.

Suburb, Country and State fields on address, can be made non editable based on settings so that users are forced to select from Postal Code and these fields are auto populated with right values.



Admin Settings- all three are disabled:

Address & Telephone when all three are disabled


If any of the settings are not set to disabled then they will appear in editable mode.

Address & Telephone when Suburb not disabled

1          New Seek posting will not be allowed on already used templates for same seek agent.

  • If an advertisement is made on seek with certain seek agent and ad is still live, user can use Save template/Advertise Now options to refresh contents.
  • If an advertisement is made on seek with certain seek agent and ad is either unadvertised or expired, user cannot create new Ad from such templates for same agent.
  • User can use clone ad functionality if wants to use existing template for same agent for which earlier an ad was published on Seek. Clone Ad functionality is chargeable.
  • CreationID duplicate exception on re advertising an un advertised Job on seek is handled.

Error on using same template

Clone Tab option

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