Release Note – Recruit live -BackOffice – Iteration 22

1. Sales Form Audit Process

Sales form validation for Permanent Resident : Visa or Vevo any of them is valid to submit sales form

Permanent Placement -> Audit ->  Submit Sales Form -> Error When Permanent Resident and Visa/Vevo missing






2. Installments option for Fee in Permanent Placements


User can add as many fee installments as required with due date and amount. The reminders for the same can be set as yes or no. Reminders are send 5 days before the due date and can be set off by setting No for the specific installment. Installment can be deleted on Right basis.

The total amount of all installments Fee should be equal to Fee (exec GST).

Permanent Placement->AuditCheckList



Installment details are also shown on audit check list.

Permanent Placement->Sales Form4



3. New Rate types are added

Added new rate types: Overtime (Weekend) – 116 and On-call during Public holidays- 117 are added for contract placements.5

4. New filter Candidate Sourced by added on Placement Search screen

Candidate sourced by is added to filter placements. Placed by filter searches on consultants and candidate sourced by value is shown in Placed by column on screen. Same is available in excel.


Placement Search



5. Bible Report contractor daily rate and weekly net margin changes

Daily contractor rate will be 8* Payrate  when pay unit is in Hour.

Placement->Contract Details




Bible->Contractor Daily Rate










Bible->Excel showing Weekly Net margin 4






Weekly Net Margin on Pro Rata basis if placement starts in the same week for which bible is generated. The placement starts on 1st April 2016 and report generated on 31st March 2016 and hence weekly net margin is applicable for one day. Since the placement starts in future its shown in yellow.

6. Recruitment Metrics Report-New Business Margin column added



7. PO follow Up scheduled report

Account manager1 name and client type added in this report


8. Reminder in case of start date to contractor care and accounts

Reminder will be sent to Contractor care – branch wise for the placements (contract or permanent), which are not submitted to contractor care or not notified to auditor. This reminder will come before 5 days of placement start date.

Reminder: Sales form not notified to Contractor care [SYD]












Reminder: Sales form not notified to Contractor care [MEL]








Reminder: Perm placement














9. Reminder in case of Permanent placements not cleared for pay run

List of perm placements which are going to start in next 5 days but the Audit status is not Cleared for Pay run   and it will be sent to Account’s email address set at company level on daily basis. These will only be stopped if Cleared for Pay run is done.













10. Placement will come in different colors as per Audit status

Permanent placement mail will send in different colors as per their audit status.

Pending for Consultant or not submitted to customer care will be in Red,

Pending for Auditor will be Amber and

Pending for Accounts will be Green.













11. Placement Search: Candidate Source by filter added

On Placement search screen, Candidate source by filter is added. Now Placed By field will point to jobaccountmanager field. Both the fields are added in export to xls and pdf reports.

3Candidate Sourced by will be shown on searched list under placed by column.

4Export to XLS:

5Export to PDF:


12. Limit set on contents in comments field on Client and Placement

Client->Company Info

Payment Terms comment maximum size is limit to 100, Invoice frequency comment maximum size is  limit to  100, Invoice comments maximum size is limit to 450








Contract Placement->Client Tab

User will not be able to fill more than the characters specified for Invoice Comments, Any other conditions, Invoice frequency comments and Payment comments


Contract Placement->Contractor Tab










Permanent Placement->Address & Telephone Tab







Permanent Placement->Salary & Fee Tab








Change Requests

1.  For Termination/withdrawal sales forms no validation/document required for audit process
2.  signed contractor contract validation removed for Margin only placements
3.  Rename Client Contract/ details confirmation? to Client Contract?
4.  Get the placement end date in the job name column in placement search result grid