Release Note – Recruit live – Iteration 26





Title:                              Release Note – Recruit live – Iteration 26

Creation Date:               03 Jun 2016       

Author:                          RL Team

Author’s Comments:     None


Document Control


Created By Testing Team
Reviewed By Jai, Abha, Arun
Released On 24 June 2016



Table of Contents

Document Control. 1

Sales and Purchase. 3

1         Permanent Manual Sales invoice. 3

2         Show hyperlinks on Placement  ID and Timesheet System to open them from Missing and Reminder TS screen. 8

3         Placement comparison: update po number , po date from Navision. 9

4         Sorting of  payrun sheet. 11

5         Client Auditor Email Address setting at Company level. 11

6         On pay period close — close Navision pay period too via web service. 13

7         Posting of Placement to different Navision company. 16

Change Requests. 18

Bugs & Fixes. 18












Sales and Purchase

1     Permanent Manual Sales invoice

Permanent Sales Invoice button is introduced next to ‘Contract Sales Invoice’ button.

If we select an existing invoice to copy from, only one option will be visible to users depending on whether the selected invoice is contract or permanent. i.e., If the selected invoice is a permanent one, the new invoice which can be generated by copying it will be a permanent invoice.


If we select more than one existing invoice, NEW button for ‘Permanent sales invoice’/’Contract sales invoice’ will become invisible as we cannot copy multiple invoices to generate a new invoices. Single invoice should be selected to copy and generate new invoice.

If we are selecting an existing permanent invoice and click on NEW button, system will copy all the necessary data from existing invoice. This eases the manual task of entering all the information from scratch. With copy functionality, user only needs to update Unit Price and Quantity to generate a new invoice. All other fields will be directly copied from the existing invoice.

User can update/amend ‘Bill-to Contact’, Document Date, PO Number, PO Date and Comments before saving the new invoice.

On entering Unit Price and Quantity, system will automatically update ‘Amount’ and ‘Amount Inc GST’. User can click on ‘Save’ button to add the invoice line and hence generate a new invoice.

User gets confirmation message when the invoice line gets saved successfully.

Click on ‘Permanent Sales Invoice’ button to generate manual invoice without using copy functionality. User can select the placement. Selecting the placement will auto-fill details like customer, contact, address etc.

User needs to enter data specific to the invoice such as Unit Price and Quantity and click on ‘Save’ to generate new permanent invoice.

2     Show hyperlinks on Placement  ID and Timesheet System to open them from Missing and Reminder TS screen

Finance -> Missing TS: Hyperlinks will come on Job placement ID and Timesheet System values.

Job placement ID hyperlink will open Edit placement screen in separate tab

Timesheet System hyperlink will open TS List pop up on same tab.

Finanace -> Reminder TS: Hyperlinks will come on Job placement ID and Timesheet System values.


3     Placement comparison: update po number , po date from Navision

       PO Number and PO Date fields are appearing in CompareXML. Checkbox will appear on the left side if the respective values in RL and Navision are different.

In Navision, ‘PO No.’ is updated in ‘Job Purchase Order No’ and ‘Extended PO Number’ fields. These two fields are clubbed together to show PO number in CompareXML. ‘PO Date’ is entered in ‘Job Purchase Order Date’ field.

If we select the checkboxes for ‘PO Number’ and ‘PO Date’ fields and click on ‘Update RL Value’, the respective values in RL get updated.

PO number and PO Date after pressing ‘Update RL Value’:








4     Sorting of  payrun sheet

Finance -> Pay Number -> Pay run sheet: Sorting order in each pay run sheet will be like

Contractor Last Name

Contractor First Name

Placement ID

If candidate records are more than 20, then RL will split the excel sheet into two.



5     Client Auditor Email Address setting at Company level

Admin-> Company -> Details: This client Auditor Email addresses will be used as Recipient’s address while sending mail to Client Auditor from Edit Client screen as well as while auditing Sales Form at placement level and performing Notify Auditor action.


Edit client:







6     On pay period close — close Navision pay period too via web service

In pay period list — for RL closed pay period, it will appear in the closed column icon to close in Navision.

While posting the invoices we ask to close the pay period. At that time too after closing the pay period in RL if it is success then we try to close in Navision too. If it got success then it will say success else failure with error message

In Navision pay period are only allowed to close when bank file is generated, but in RL we close once sales and purchase invoices are got posted

User can select the pay period and click on ‘Close Pay Period’ to close the pay period in both RL as well Navision. Success message will pop-up if the pay period gets closed successfully.



‘Close Pay Period in Navision’ button appears on the right-most column. This can be used to close the pay period in Navision if it had not got closed along with RL pay period.


Error message will pop up if we try to close any pay period which is not current.


‘Close pay period’ can also be done from invoice posting status window.


Error will come if unposted pay journals/invoices exist in the pay period we are trying to close. We should post open pay journals and invoices in the respective pay period before trying to close it.






7     Posting of Placement to different Navision company

Settings at company level: We can do posting of placement to different Navision Company,

if “PostPlacementToDiffNavComp “ setting at company level is YES.

We can also set Navision Company and RL Company code also, when setting “SecondNavCompanyDetails “ is enabled at company level.

Settings at user level: After company level, user should also right to get this feature.

On Edit Placement, if all settings and rights are enabled, the user will be able to see button “Navision”.

In tool tip, it will show the Navision company name.

This feature will only be visible to those placements which are “cleared for payrun” and Finance module = ON.

When we click on “Navision” button, it will show the successful message.

Same will be inserted in Navision under given Navision ID.












Change Requests


No Issue description
1 Payrun sheet : duplicate records
2 If Navision webservice is not accessible then provide the service url in the exception mail

Bugs & Fixes

No Issue description
1 RCTI PLvalue not matching – PDF vs EVR
2 Edit Client Screen :  Company Info  Tab: Payments Section alternate row color issue
3 Manager Login Password – no validation and give error on putting long password


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