Release Note – Recruit live – Iteration 9

Changes on Existing Screens

  ‘Core Roles’ added on Contact edit

  1. This would be based on the setting at the database level. If the setting is yes, this functionality will be available else this will be not be visible.
  2. ‘Core Roles’ is added on all the Contact->new and edit screens
  3. This field will be mandatory if the ‘Core Roles Mandatory’ = yes at Company level.
  4. Contact -> New




  1. Contact Edit : New Field ‘Core Role’ added on the screen



  1. Client Edit -> Contact list tab : New Field ‘Core Role’ added on the screen




  1. Contact->Edit->Ribbon->’Quick New’




  1. Personal->Email->Inbox->New Contact




‘Core Roles’ added on Contact Advance Search, Contact List

  1. This would be based on the setting at the database level. If the setting is yes, this functionality will be available else this will be not be visible
  2. Advance Search: ‘Core Roles’ added as another search criteria



  1. Contact List: ‘Core Roles’ Column added in the list




‘Contract to Permanent’ Placements will be shown as separate label

  1. Contract to Permanent placement will be shown as a different label  ‘Contract to Permanent’  in
    1. Sales Form –  Title
    2. Subject of the emails send through the Audit Process


Mail Campaign – Setting added at Company Level

  1. User would be allowed to define the limit of mails in the campaign.
  2. It can be set from the following screen







Mail Campaign – Show the count and details

Mail Campaign – Show the count and details




Import Tool – From Ariba to RL

Import tool is added to import Timesheet data from Ariba to Recruitlive.


Import Timesheet csv from Navision

  1. User would be able to import the timesheets from Navision using the following menu option.





New Features added in Sale & Purchase

Sale & Purchase module:

This module would enable the users to Process the Timesheets, Generate Invoices, Post the Invoices, Consolidate the Invoices and Post them in Navision.

Features already released

  1.   Timesheet Audit Process: The audit Process for the lifecycle of Sales Form is implemented.
  2.   Timesheet Data entry: System allows user to enter the details of the Timesheets of the clients which are not using Timesheet Live. User can enter the details of the timesheets received via email, fax from the contractors.


New Features released

     Timesheet Setup

  1.   User will be able to create Pay Numbers and the ‘Projected EFT Dates’ for the Pay periods
  2.   User will be able to associate the placements with the respective Pay Number

     Timesheet Processing

  1.   User will be able to create Journal Batch.
  2.   User will be able to search Timesheets on the basis of  current active pay period of the pay number
  3.   User will be able to process any timesheet before the current pay period which were not processed
  4.   User will be able to Add adjustment for any timesheet listed in the search
  5.   User will be able to add adjustment for any timesheet already processed
  6.   User will be able to add adjustment with negative Pay unit as well.
  7.   User will be able to move all or selected Timesheets and adjustment lines to the desired ‘Pay Journal’
  8.   User will be able to generate ‘Timesheet Audit Report’ and verify with the manual report

    Timesheet Auditing

  1.   User will be able to Search for  Timesheets of the desired ‘Pay Journal’
  2.   User will be able to ‘Remove’ timesheet from batch if required
  3.   User will be able to generate and Verify
    1. Timesheet Audit Report
    2. EVR Report
    3. Remittance Report
  4.   User will be able to ‘Audit’ the timesheets in the batch
  5.   User will be able to ‘Un Audit’ the Pay journal batch if required.

    Invoice Generation

  1.    User will be able to view Audited timesheets of the Pay Journal
  2.    User will be able to ‘Generate Invoices’ for the batch
  3.     User will be able to view the Generated Invoices
    1. Sales Invoice
    2. Purchase Invoice
  4.     User will be able to download  the Generated Invoices
    1. Sales Invoice
    2. Purchase Invoice
  5.     User will be able to create adjustment Invoices also. These are termed as manual Invoices.

  Post Invoice

  1.    User will be able to select one or multiple invoices and ‘Post’ them in Navision
  2.    User will be able to view the details of the fields  mapped in Navision for
    1. e.g RL Client A mapped to  Navision Client B


 Consolidate Invoice

  1. User will be able to ‘Consolidate Invoices’ on the following types


  1. Consolidate Weekly – Client wise
  2. Consolidate Fortnightly – Client wise
  3. Consolidate 4 Weekly – Client wise
  4. Consolidate Calendar monthly – Client wise
  5. Consolidate Weekly – Contractor wise
  6. Consolidate Fortnightly – Contractor wise
  7. Consolidate 4 Weekly – Contractor wise
  8. Consolidate Calendar monthly – Contractor wise
  9. Consolidate Weekly – Billing Contact ID
  10. Consolidate Fortnightly – Billing Contact ID
  11. Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing Contact ID
  12. Consolidate Calendar monthly – Billing Contact ID
  13. Consolidate Weekly – Billing Contact Email Address
  14. Consolidate Fortnightly – Billing Contact Email Address
  15. Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing Contact Email Address
  16. Consolidate Calendar monthly – Billing Contact Email Address
  17. Consolidate Weekly – Billing on PO
  18. Consolidate Fortnightly – Billing on PO
  19. Consolidate 4 Weekly – Billing on PO
  20. Consolidate Calendar monthly – Billing on PO


  1. New Consolidated Invoice will be generated with the details of the selected Invoices.
  2. Credit Notes would be generated for the consolidated Invoice.
  3. User can consolidate Invoices of same placement type. Either all consolidated invoice should be of ‘Permanent’ type or all should be of ‘Contract’ type.
  4. User can delete the consolidated and manual invoices if the permission for the same  is granted to the user.



 Post Credit Notes and Consolidated Invoices

  1.  User will be able to view the Credit Notes generated for the consolidated Invoices
  2.  User will be able to post the Credit Notes generated by ‘Consolidate’ process in Navision
  3.  Once the credit Notes are posted, only then the ‘Consolidated’ Invoice can be posted.


 Change Requests

1.   Contact Advance Search : For external Clients, it will use client address while for internal client, it will use contact address

2.   Contact Email History – Performance has been enhanced.

3.   Seek noreply sender address would be changed to candidate email address when replying through Recruitlive

4.   Placement edit ->Notes ->On setting up of Pay Number, Auditor approval-> Append ‘Placement I D’ to the message added in Notes section

5.   Placement locking and notify accounts : while checking / verifying ABN , in case of failure system will check for check for ACN also

6.   Notify auditor email address: System will allow the user to configure the email ID at branch level also. In case branch level setting is blank or not set, system will pick the company level setting.

7.   Manual Timesheet: When user clicks on any ‘Pending’ Timesheet, System will load the screen with prefill data. User can change if required.

8.   Client Payment terms: new terms added in Payment Terms at client and placement level.

Systems will allow the users to add new Payment Terms from the Admin section.

9.   In case of Manual Timesheets, system should not send mail to the contractor or Approver. In case of rejection or approval of timesheets also, no mails should be sent by the system.

10.   Improvements in Mail Campaign

11.   System will not allow to merge purge the client and candidate which are present in pay journal batch

12.   In the Outlook Addin, MORL: In case of seek applicant emails, upload resume was not working when sender address is ‘noreply@….’ – FIXED

13.   MORL: Export to email history and New note options are not working – FIXED

14.   When adding a candidate from Linked in, server error comes if click on already created records – FIXED


 Bugs & Fixes

1.   Contact->Save->Incorrect validation was coming for client – FIXED



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