Release Note – Recruit live- Sales and Purchase – Iteration 22

1. Seller Address made editable on edit Sales Invoice


2. Add billing client name in adjustment line when showing in pay timesheet page

Billing client name is also added on Pay Timesheet screen.  When billing and hiring clients are different, then it will show both the clients else only one.


3. In Timesheet Audit report: show line description in comment column for adjustment line entry

If Description and Transaction type description are same, then it will show “Adjustment line” as comment in Comment column.

And if Description and Transaction type description are not same, then it will show Description in Comment column.


4.  Markup rate transaction type code is 113 added

Markup rate is added as transaction type code in placement xml.







5. All unit of measures are added for rate type ‘OT’ and ‘On-Call’

All units of measures are added for rate type OT and ON call.




6. New Rate types are added

Added new rate types: Overtime (Weekend) – 116 and On-call during Public holidays- 117 are added for contract placements.



7. Pay Rate tag added in Sales invoice

Pay rate tag is added in Sales Invoice line.




8. Registered company state full name and candidate state full name tags for templates

Tags are added in Contract placement sales form.





9. Added hiring client, billing client in Payrun sheet

Hiring client, billing client fields added in Payrun sheet.




10. For Margin only, update the lines under pay journal batch as Invoiced

For margin only TS, updating the lines under pay journal batch with status ‘Invoiced’ when sales invoice is generated instead of depending upon the purchase invoice.




11. Billing Client Invoice Structure type in Timesheet list page

On Timesheet list screen, billing client invoice structure type is added for billing client as well.



12. Provide Pay rate/Charge rate in both Sales and Purchase Invoice

Pay rate and charge rates are added on Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice respectively.

Sales Invoice:














Purchase Invoice:

6 7






13. Placement ID added in TS audit, EVR and Remittance reports and additional lines comments in TS audit report

Placement ID in Timesheet audit report, remittance report and in EVR reports. In TS audit report comments will have additional lines description too.

TS Audit report:




EVR Report:




Remittance report:


14. Sales Form Audit Process: Consultant level validation

  • RL will NOT ask for compliance docs for Termination/withdrawal sales forms.




  • Renamed “Client Contract/ details confirmation?” to “Client Contract?”




15. Invoice to be sent by email then only email mandatory on sales invoice and also on manual sales invoice

If “Invoice to be sent” by option is “By Email” at placement level then only make email field “Client E-Mail” mandatory on sales invoice (manual too).


Edit Placement:











Manual Sales Invoice:









16. Check box added on Edit placement -> Audit list tab to view posting history

“Include Placement Post History” check box is added on Audit list tab of placement.

The check would be visible when finance is ON. It will show audit entries related to job placement posted.

Contract Placement:






Permanent Placement:











17. Editable fields on Sales invoice and Purchase Invoice screens

On Sale invoice screen, Description, PO number, PO date fields are editable now.7




On Purchase Invoice screen, Description, PO number, PO date fields are editable now.






18. Posting Invoice will send in single line

Single line Invoice, PO required, PO date required, Ariba rate required then while posting invoice send only one Line as Invoice detail. It will group by transaction type.

If more than one transaction type then do not generate line XML.

19. In Matrix report: Add blank value in Service line drop down

Blank line added in service line drop down.




20. Deductions lines to show in EVR report when negative adjustment line is added

Deduction lines to show in EVR report when negative adjustment line is added.









21. Multiple Pay run sheets will be generated when placement count >20



22. Unit should be “unit” for expense lines on sales invoice:

SalesInvoice Report






23. Send mail option on Edit Purchase to send RCTI to contractor:

For paid invoices, send mail option will be available on purchase invoice which will directly send RCTI attached in email to contractor.

Edit Paid Purchase Invoice








24. Sales Invoice-Client Email Address mandatory only if Invoices to be sent by Email:

Contract Placement->Client tab->Invoices sent by Email

Invoices to be sent by is Email at placement level.






SalesInvoice->Click Save

Client email address is mandatory and message is shown if not filled









Contract Placement->Client tab->Invoices sent by Fax








SalesInvoice->Click Save

Invoices saved successfully with blank email address









25. Generate one PDF for invoice and timesheet

Option is provided at client level to have sales invoice report and timesheet attachment consolidated in one PDF only. Only attachment of pdf / doc/ txt format can be consolidated.

Edit Client->Company Info->Consolidate Attachment









Edit SalesInvoice->SalesInvoice Report->Consolidated PDF










Change Requests

1.  Navision XML changes on placement xml, sales invoice xml, purchase invoice xml

2.  PO follow Up scheduled report additions: Added Account manager 1 Name, Client type.
3.  Additional line: Pay amount in deduction — consider only when deduction are meant to be charged from “Margin”
4.  Allow Invoice deletion only if status is INVOICED
5.  Deduction lines to show in EVR report when negative adjustment line is added.
6.  Manual purchase Invoice : Deductions need to be flown — PI / PL / WC– if deducted from payrate

7.  Client Email address in new invoices generated should be empty if invoices to be sent via is not Email at placement level.
8.  biller address , seller address parts separator which is new line should be shown as caret symbol i.e.^ in sales invoice and purchase invoice on screen

 Bugs & Fixes

1.  Est. Value is not considering Standard deduction effect while calculation
2.  Manual sales invoice : 100|1|1 is going as Transaction Type when generating it
3.  Sales invoice list : filter on client not working
4.  RCTI GST , Amount rounding off issue
5.  Additional Lines are not coming in Timesheet Audit report from Pay Timesheet Screen
6.  SP: point no267: Placement and weekending mismatch in reminder ts list
7.  Credit Note: Billing client not coming in credit note pdf

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