Release Note – Sales & Purchase – Iteration 33




Title:                              Release Note – Sales & Purchase – Iteration 33

Creation Date:               04 March 2017 

Author:                          RL Team

Author’s Comments:     None


Document Control


Created By Sasmita Pattnaik
Reviewed By
Released On 04 March 2017



Table of Contents

Document Control. 1

1         Linked Paynumber can be added for Weekly Paynumbers only. 3

2         New Placement search option Finance Validation added: 3

3         Repost of Purchase invoice for non financial fields: 4

4         Purchase invoices can be put on Hold: 5

5         Purchase  Line Description cannot be modified for posted invoices: 7

6         Finance related option is only available for user having right to view Finance option   7

7         Sales Invoice emails send to emailID provided in Setting . 8

Change Requests. 8

Bugs & Fixes. 11








1         Linked Paynumber can be added for Weekly Paynumbers only.


Fourweekly paynumbers can only be added as linked paynumbers on weekly paynumbers. On other categories of pay numbers, linked Paynumbers cannot be added.


Linked paynumber added on Pay number list too.


2         New Placement search option Finance Validation added:

Purpose of this new field is to allow users to filter records which will encounter validations on posting as they do not have data completely filled. User can draw list for each validation type and then can update records accordingly so that during posting the validations for incomplete information are not thrown.




3         Repost of Purchase invoice for non financial fields:

User can update Email address and Contractor Address on Purchase Invoice and Repost them if the changes is done on already Posted Invoice.

4         Purchase invoices can be put on Hold:

Edit Purchase invoice will have option to put invoices on Hold.

User needs to fill reason to put invoice on Hold, same will be added in invoice history trail.

Once an Invoice is put on Hold, it can be posted. When such invoice is posted, it makes it on hold in Navision. This does not change any status in RL. Now again if this invoice is posted then it really post the invoice in Navision.

Invoices which are on Hold in RL but not been put on hold in Navision can be searched as shown below.

On Hold Invoices can be searched by using On Hold status in Purchase Invoice List search screen

5         Purchase  Line Description cannot be modified for posted invoices:

6         Finance related option is only available for user having right to view Finance option


Finance related option like Invoice Tab, Generate Invoice, View Invoices and finance module will not be visible to the User who does not have the right “Allow to view Finance Option”

7          Sales Invoice emails send to emailID provided in Setting .

Sales Invoice related mail are send to the mailId provided in the setting


Change Requests

No Change description
1 Column T – “ItemDescription” should show “Job name” instead of “Role” in CBA CSV report
  Payroll No. in Remittance report is changed as Pay Journal batch Name
2 Permanent Client letter – Showing Billing Client Name, Contact Name, Address, Email Address
3 While submitting timesheet approval date  cannot be before week start date, Validation is added
4 When POnumber is changed its changes are reflected in Navision on posted sales invoices.
5 Candidate ,Client  name with apostrophe will be replaced and send without apostrophe on posting  to Navision
6 If invoices sent via is having Email option then Email is mandatory to be filled before Notifying Auditor
7 Split Timesheet lines will be highlighted in pay timesheet screen
8 System will validate for In Active Clients , Candidate and contact added when moving lines to Pay journal batch
9 In Permanent Sales Invoice  Billing Contact  is displayed in Client letter
10 NoteID  column will not be displayed on NoteList
11 The Insurance  Documents which are uploaded for the payroll Umbrella company will be associated with Candidate document list
12 “02” will be prefixed with  phone  number  for all pay numbers
13 Duplicate validation message will not come  while moving lines  to Pay Journal Batch
14 Tolerance limit for Ariba rate is measured as per first rate line in placement even though Placement have multiple standard rates associated
15 POTracker Timesheet lines mail will  also have an attachment of  Timesheet Line  in excel format
16 Projected Posting Date for Permanent invoice  will have the placement start date rather than current date
17 Validation for  missing addresses of Billing and hiring Client, Candidate and Contact  will come at contractor care level
18 Email Address updated in Contact get reflected in Placement as well as in Invoice
19 Notification mail is send on deletion of sales and Purchase Invoice
20 Notification of Pay delay for purchase invoice with status posted and projected EFT date less than current date
21 Added a new service method in Navision service to fetch the pay number details of a specific pay number from Navision. This service will return the response in xml format
22 Update in posting date criteria as per changes in Navision 2009
23 For consolidating invoices on invoice structure types based on PO details, then no validation is done for PO date.
24 Status of Timesheet does not change when invoice is posted. It remains invoiced.
25 Status columns, amount column in sales register is updated for consolidated invoices.
26 Address, Phone number, Account name, bank name etc updated in Sales Invoice Report.


Bugs & Fixes

No Issue Description
1 TSL-Reminders not going to primary approvers while secondary bosses are also added.
2 Permanent Invoice line will have PO Date as Current date
3 Status columns, amount column in sales register is updated for consolidated invoices.
4 Address, Phone number ,Account name, bank name etc updated in Sales Invoice Report.
5 Conversion factor for converting day/hour will have ariba rate in consideration
6 PI, PL and WC amount is shown on  pay journal batch page when all deductions are coming out of pay rate.


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