Release Note – Sales & Purchase – Iteration 34

1          Setting  Provided to Validate PO Number on Timesheet Submission

2          Functionality to Compare Open Pay period with Navision Open Pay Period.

Pay number List action column has a button compare the open pay period of RL with Navision open pay period.

  • When this button is clicked a popup page is opened. This page contain the comparison of Pay number details between RL and Navision.

If In RL open pay period start date and end date are not matching and are less than the Navision open pay period start date and end date then button “Close Pay Period In RL” is shown.

  • If in RL the open pay period start date and end date are greater than the Navision open pay period start date and end date then show the button “Close Pay Period In Navision” is show .
  • The Option “Show only differences” will only show the difference of pay period details between RL and Navision.

  • The Option to download the Open Pay period details in xml is provided for both RL and Navision given.


3          Option to update Purchase Order number on Approved Timesheets provided.

Users having role Allow to alter PONUMBER after Approval will be able to update PO Number on approved Timesheets as well.

4          Option to delete timesheet if they are in Submitted, Pending or Rejected stage.

User can delete timesheets which are either in submitted/Pending/Rejected stage. User should have right Allow to delete Timesheets to do the same.

5          Pay run report filters are added on Pay Number screen:

User can now generate contractor pay run report for specific contractor or placement using the highlighted filter and report option. Once the data is filled user needs to click on Report->Contractor sheet to get filtered report.

6          PO Number column added in Timesheet Audit Report:


Change Requests

No Change description
1. Credit Note line for Average Net margin and Net Margin Percentage will always be shown in negative.
2 Sales Form Report Column ” Per Unit”  renamed to ” Per unit (Standard)”
3 On Submit sales form Placement ABN and Client ABN is validated
4 On Submit sales form In Active Client, Candidate and Contact are validated
5 Audit tab will show only finance entries if user has Right to view finance options.
6 Generate invoice button for permanent invoices will be visible if only manual invoices are generated or all invoices are in deleted stage or all invoices have credit note in posted stage.
7 Validation added on Contractor Bank Account field in Placement, its size cannot be greater than 9 chars
8 Payroll company data corrected in Remittance advice when merge is done on different pay rolling company.
9 Validation is added at while notifying auditor if multiple instances of same type of standard deductions are added in contract placements.
10 Deleted purchase lines will be automatically removed during posting of Invoice
11 Contractor timesheet screen order changed.
12 When invoice is generated for permanent when more than one POs are applicable then system will create multiple invoice Lines for that invoice for each PO number.


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