Release Note – Shark Iteration 10

 Changes on Existing screens

Consultant Matrix Report: Team drop down is added in filter

1. The team drop down is added as a new criteria in the ‘Search ‘ criteria

2. User can see the data for the members of the team if he has access to those members.

3. If Logged in User is Team Manager/ Leader then it will automatically load the whole team’s matrix report.




Basic Search in All Modules:

After selection from Auto-complete it should open Edit record screen.




Email History: Filters on subject will apply on mail body also

When on subject column, filters are applied then it will also search in body of the mail with same filter criteria.




Email History tab: Attach flag is now visible.

Email History tab -> In case the mail has an attachment, ‘Attach’ icon will be displayed in the first column.





Auto populate the related fields on selecting ‘City ‘or ‘Postcode’

Postcode listing will be shown by typing region or suburb also in Postcode field.

City listing will be shown by typing postcode or region in city / Suburb Field.

While selecting region, auto populate the country.

New Send out Status:  ‘Interview Cancelled’ is added

1. “Cancel Interview” – This action is based on the permission set in Company Details. If Company Details-> “Allow Interview Cancel = YES”, then ‘Cancel Interview’ will be listed in the Actions dropdown else it will not be listed.

2. New Send out Status is added called ‘Cancel Interview’. Once the interview is scheduled for a candidate, ‘Cancel Interview’ will appear in the Action drop down.

3. When User selects the “Cancel Interview” then system will ask for the reason of cancellation and date of cancellation.  On saving the required data the status will change to ‘Interview Cancelled’


4. Matrix report will also show count accordingly, if interview is cancelled, then count will not increase.

5. User will have the option to ‘Cancel’ the Interview. The status will change to ‘Interview Cancelled’

6. Notes will also be stamped whenever any interview is cancelled.

7. User will be able to search the Notes in advance search for cancelled interviews. “Content = *Interview Cancelled*”.

  Once Interview is cancelled, system will not allow the user to reverse the action.

8.  “Cancel Interview” – This action is based on the permission set in Company Details. If Company Details-> “Allow Interview Cancel = YES”, then ‘Cancel Interview’ will be listed in the Actions drop down else it will not be listed.

Resume repository: New Option for sending a mailshot/ campaign

Campaign icon is added to the RL Resume Repository:  Candidate -> Resume Repository screen. 

The campaign can also be scheduled to send it to all the recipients based on the search result records in the Resume Repository screen.

Candidate -> Resume Repository:5

In ribbon->Action, click on ‘Campaign’. The following screen would be displayed

The system will check the validation for the maximum limit of the campaign to send.




‘Over Booked Seek Jobs’ – New Report added where manager Login was used

When advertise the job on seek beyond limit and it asks for Manager Login after Confirming from the User, it is considered overbooked seek job.

Every time a manager login entry is made, it can be viewed in the new report i.e. “Seek overbooked” report under Job->List.







You can search records done on Branch (it’s the user branch who has booked the ad beyond the limit). Approver name/user name are also shown in the list. You can download pdf/excel.


If job is ‘expired’ or ‘unadvertised’, then also Overbooked Seek job list will show the entry made before.


Resume Repository: Update the latest CV in RL automatically if email matches

When applicant applies against a Job advert of Seek then that data is automatically shown in the Resume Repository. If the email address of the applicant is matching with Recruit live Candidate record then system will automatically update the resume of the candidate with the applicant’s resume on the basis of last date of resume updated in Recruit live.

In Edit Candidate à Document à Document List screen :  All such resume will be marked as “Seek” under ‘Created by’ column.




Contract Placement Screen

Street 1 Field in the Work Site Details Address section, under Client tab has been made mandatory.

Contract-New Placement:


Contract- Edit Placement:


Notice Period Field in Placement->Contract Details has been made mandatory

It is based on the setting done at company level. If set, it is mandatory otherwise not.

Contract- New Placement:


Contract- Edit Placement:




Spell Check function for Job Advertise Screen/Compose mail /Campaign

Spell Check functionality is added in the Job Campaign->text Area

The Spelling mistakes will be highlighted with red underline while typing.

This Change is applicable to all text area fields where multiple line text can be entered.

Job Advertise:



Mail Compose:




Candidate Edit: Added extract core roles/skills button

Edit candidate: Extract core role or core skills buttons added on edit candidate screen.

Buttons will appear only when resume is available with the record.  Check boxes are available to select or de-select the options.


‘TSL Notifications’ Tab removed for Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement: ‘TSL Notification’ tab has been removed from the screen.

Edit Contract Placement: Timesheet tab: Show message when Client Uses Own Timesheet




Sale & Purchase enhancements:

Time Sheet Audit Report: Sorted on First Name and Last Name.

Time Sheet Audit report is now sorted on First name, Last name of the Contractors.

If the first name is same for two contractors then it sorts with the last names.

Time Sheet Audit Report:



Remittance Report will be generated only for UMBRELLA Company

The Remittance Report will be generated only for Umbrella Company.

Each company record is showing in separate sheets for Excel and in separate pages for PDF.

The report is sorted on company, first name and last name, (means the first entry (company name) as a result of the sort would show in sheet 1 and vice versa).

The remittance list for each candidate also will be sorted with first name and last name of the Candidates, in each Company details.

Remittance Report in Excel:




Delete System Generated Un-posted Invoices

Sales / Purchase Invoice: System will allow to ‘Delete’ the Un-posted Invoices in the system.


“Delete” icon will be visible in Action column for all the un-posted invoices.

The following screen will be displayed on clicking the ‘Delete’ icon

User will have to provide the reason of deletion.






Once the reason is entered, User can click on the ‘Delete’ button.

The Invoices will be deleted from the list

The given Timesheet will now be available for processing and will be seen in Pay journal batch.

Once Sales Invoice is deleted, its corresponding Purchase Invoice will also be updated.

The amount will also get updated accordingly. It will be visible in pink color.



The Delete action will be stamped in Audit list tab also as shown below.


Same will happen in case of Purchase Invoice deletion.

If Purchase Invoice is deleted, then the corresponding Sales Invoices will also be deleted.

If one of the Sales Invoice is posted, and user try to delete its corresponding Purchase Invoice, then System will show the validation message.







New Report – ‘Sales Register’ – added in Sale & Purchase

Go to Finance-> Invoice List->Sales Register

Based on the filter criteria added, the data will be displayed in the grid below.





Purchase Invoice List: Pay Journal, Pay Number added in search criteria

Go to Finance->Invoice List->Purchase

New search criteria  added : Pay Number, Pay Journal





Sales / Purchase Invoice Screen ->Audit Trail added

Finance ->Edit Invoice: Audit trail is added as a new list.

This will list down all the action done on the invoice like Invoice generation, posting, Consolidation, Credit note.





Change Requests

1. Pay Timesheet, Journal Batch screen, Timesheet Report->System will pick up the pay rate and Charge Rate based on the effective date.

2. Timesheet Report: Contractor Company added as a new column.

3. While saving Campaign, show the limit of recipients in the validation message.


Bugs & Fixes

No Issue description
1 Contact->Save->Incorrect validation was coming for client
2 Linked In: Trying to login on Linked in on wasp but giving Server error 500
3 Mail notifications are coming 4 times if consolidated invoice has 2 placements
4. Decimal fraction is not transferring from  adjustment line to pay journal batch
5. Email History performance issue
6. Pay Period Start Date should be Monday in case the frequency is ‘Monthly’
7. Account Manager1 , 2, 3 are not populated when sales invoice is generated that’s why in sales register they are shown as blank



1,550 thoughts on “Release Note – Shark Iteration 10

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