Release Note – Shark Iteration 11[Phase 2]

1.    Changes on Existing Screens.

  1.1 Edit Client Screen: Bank Label is changed to ‘Receivable  Bank’.

 a)      In the Edit Client Screen, the bank label is changed to Receivable Bank”.

Edit Client Screen:



b)      The “Account name “of the bank details will be shown in the options list for the “Receivable bank” drop down field.





1.2.  Candidate Contact Link is added on the Edit Candidate and Edit Contact Screen.

a)      The Candidate who is also contact or Contact who is also candidate in RL, will have the Candidate Contact link on their Edit Candidate and Edit Contact screen respectively.

b)      Candidate Contact Link helps to navigate between the candidate/Contact screens.

c)      The Candidate Contact link is available for Edit Candidate and  Edit Contact screen , only when their data are matching with certain  fields in any of  two cases like,

i.            First name, last name and Emails.


   ii.             First name, last name and Phone numbers.

Edit Candidate Screen:


Edit Contact Screen:


1.3. Chrome plugin extracts First Name, Last Name and Profile from LinkedIn profile to RL New Candidate screen.

a)      Go to  ‘Chrome Plugin’->Add candidate to RL.

b)      The plug in will  extract the following details from the LinkedIn profile and show them on the screen

    i.            The first name and last name of the LinkedIn user.

  ii.            The Profile of the LinkedIn User

  iii.            The Core Roles and Core Skills.

New Candidate Screen:



1.4.  For External Popup Mail Setting, New editor is added for Compose Mail.

a)      The New mail editor is added for External Popup Mail Setting,

Personal –> Email–>Compose Screen.

b)      For  the New Compose Mail Editor,  need to add extension “.woff” in mime type(Mime type: application/octet-stream)

Personal –> Email–>Compose Screen:


1.5.  When Job is marked for Advertisement then do not allow any other operation on it.

  1. Jobs which are in the advertised stage can be marked by using the option, “Exclusively for Advertisement in the Edit Job Screen.
  2. When the Exclusively for Advertisement Checkbox is “ticked” for a job,
  3. System will not allow to match candidate / create send outs for the Job.
  4. These jobs will not appear in the Matrix report also

Edit Job Screen:


1.6.  Sales Form Report – New Column added in Sales Form Report Grid

a)      New column “HoursPerWeek” has been added in the sales form Report. The value is same as in Edit Placement screen –>Contract Details –> hr/wk.



1.7.   Australian holidays are added by default for the year 2015 in the Holiday List for all RecruitLive Systems.

a)      The Recruitlive Holiday list will show the Australian Holidays for the year 2015 in all the Recruitlive System.

Admin–>Holiday List Screen


1.8.    Populate Timesheet System in Sales Form

a)      Placement ->Edit->Generate Sales Form

b)      Timesheet system value, which is in placement screen, will be populated in Sales Form.




1.9.  Setting for disabling Sync Sent items back to mail server.

a)      Now the Sent Item is not syncing back on to Mail server when” Delete Mail from Mail server After Download is true”.

b)      The Admin User can set the Email Setting in the Edit Mail Account Screen.

Admin –>User List –Choose an User –>Click on Edit Email Setting icon.

c)       Enable the “Delete Mail from Mail server After Download”

Email Setting, Edit Mail Account Screen:


1.10.  Public Holiday dates will be highlighted in yellow color in Time Sheet Live and Manual Timesheet list.

a)      Timesheet Live – The Public holidays and description will be highlighted with Yellow background on the Time sheet live and manual Time sheet list.

Time Sheet Live Time Sheet Screen:


a)      In the Print Preview the Holiday date and holiday description  will be highlighted with red background.

Print Preview Screen


2.   Sales & Purchase

2.1.  New tag ‘Candidate ID’ added in the subject and body of mail templates related to sales form.

a)      Placement edit->Audit tab.

b)      The candidate id (Contractor id) tag is added in to the subject and body of all the mail templates in the Sales form audit processing.

Admin –> Mail Template Screen



2.2. Show Audit status in placement search screen and export to excel when Automated audit sales form setting=yes.

a)      Audit status will be visible under Start Date in placement search List on placement search screen when Automated Sales Form Audit Enabled= Yes.

Placement search screen:


b)      New filter Placement End date and Timesheet system has been added on the placement search screen:


c)      Audit status column appears when placement search is Export to Excel in exported excel file when settings are Automated Sales Form Audit Enabled= Yes:







2.3.  Sorting by contractor Name in Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice list

a)      Go to Finance->Invoice List->Sales /Purchase

b)      Search any sales invoice and the sales invoice list will be loaded.

c)       This list can be sorted by column “Contractor Name”. To sort the list click on the column.




2.4.  Changes in Pay number Contractor Sheet:

a)      The Pay number Contractor sheet will not show the details of  the Placements, for  which  end date is over and the pay number pay periods  week ending dates are also closed.

b)      Go to The Finance–> Pay Number , Contractor Sheet  will now include the placement details based on the following condition,

i)      For a Placement, If time sheet line is at approved stage and not processed for invoice and it’s weekending less than or equal to open pay period end date then show placement details in the Contractor sheet.

ii)    For a placement, timesheet is not submitted, but its Timesheet settings are done and end date of the placement falls in the pay period, then show those placements  with the status MISSING, Timesheet ID as -1.

iii)    For a Placement, the time sheet is not submitted but its Timesheet settings are done and its week endings falls in the pay period  then show those placements too with the status MISSING, Timesheet ID as -1.

c)      In the Pay number Contractor sheet, the placement which has missing time sheet   status is highlighting in RED background and yellow foreground.


2.5.  The Send Mail on Placement Screen will auto-Populate the Email Address of the Recipients at each stage of Sales Audit Process.

  1. Go to Placement Edit->ribbon bar->Send Mail
  2. The Send Mail screen, To Field will now auto-populate the email address of the recipients in each stage of the audit process like as mentioned below:
  3.  Click on Send Mail: After Sending the Submit Sales to Contractor Care, To Field will populate the email address of: Consultant Email Address ( Account Manager 1).
  4. Click on Send Mail: After Notifying the Auditor, To Field will populate the email address of : Customer Care Email Address  and Consultant Email Address .
  5. Click on Send Mail: After Notifying the Accounts, To Field will populate the email address of: Customer Care Email Address , Consultant Email Address and Auditor’s Email Address.
  6. Click on Send Mail, After Locking the Placement,To Field will populate the email address of : Customer Care Email Address , Consultant Email Address, Auditor’s Email Address and Account’s Email Address.

Send Mail Screen after Placement is locked:


2.6.   Pending Time Sheet list for Manual Timesheet is added on to the Finance Screen.


a)      Finance–>List–> Pending Time Sheet,

b)      It lists the Manual Time sheets which are in pending stage to submit for processing till the current date

c)      User can submit the Time Sheet for the week by Clicking on the Weekend ending date link in the list.

Finance–>Pending Time Sheet List Screen :





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