Release Note – Shark Iteration 19

1.1           New field “Timesheet Required From” added on Edit Contact screen.

New field “ Timesheet Required From” is added on Edit Contact à HR tab à Internal Timesheet section. Timesheets for a particular contact will be shown from this date. User should set value for this field only when Internal Timesheet Type is not equal to “Not Required”.


Following validation are done for the value set:

  1. If Timesheet exist prior to this field then message will be shown that  “Following Timesheets are already submitted in the system: <Date of Timesheets which are submitted in system >”
  2. If leaves exist prior to this field then message will be shown that “Following Leaves are already applied in the system: <Date/ date range of leaves>”
  3. If both exists then  message  “Following Timesheets are already submitted in the system: <Date of Timesheets which are submitted in system >” “Following Leaves are already applied in the system: <Date/ date range of leaves>” will be shown.


1.2           Leave balance calculations

Balance before should be the leave balance at the end of current month. If current month is October then leaves that are accumulated till October end is the Balance before. Balance after is the (total leaves accumulated by end of the month for which leaves are applied )-(number of days leaves applied so far in that period)

Number of days of leaves applied so far in that period should exclude any Public Holidays, Weekends and the days for which consultant do not work.

The days for which consultant does not work can be seen from Edit Contact screen->HR tab->Internal timesheet->Timesheet Required On field. Timesheet Required On are the days for which a consultant works.

Public Holiday leaves should be applied pre-approved for each employee automatically.


Leave Application, Leave Approval and Leave Rejection UI: Show the days for which Timesheet is enabled, No. of working days, Public holidays and Deducted days.

Working days: No of working days between leave from and to date.

Public Holidays:  No of public holidays between the leave from and to date

Deduction:  Working Days – Public Holidays.

1.3           View advertisement on seek directly from RecruitLive

A link ‘View at Seek ’ has been provided in Job Advertised History.










This link will open this job advertisement in seek















1.4           Public holiday leaves will be pre-approved for each employee automatically.


  • Whenever a public holiday is created- It should be pre-approved for all the employees eligible for it.
  • Whenever any change in public holiday- It should be pre-approved for all the employees eligible for it.
  • Whenever an employee added-all the public holidays applicable for him should be pre-approved
  • Whenever an employee edited (region/date etc)-all the public holidays applicable for him should be pre-approved.
  • If public holiday in between date range of applying leave, then the list is split between two or more list.

For e.g. 3rd Aug is declared public holiday for North South Wales region. Any user from that region would not have to submit timesheet for 3rd Aug. It will be pre-approved by default. There is no need to submit the same.

1.5           Send Mail on Rejection of Non – TimesheetLive Timesheets by auditor

When any Non –tsl timesheet will be rejected then an email will be sent to Accounts. This email can be set on Company à Details à Accounts Email Address field. If no email is set then email will be sent at


Also sending of emails setting is managed at company level.

Admin–> Company Details –> Settings tab screenshot:


Please note that sender’s email address will be email id of the user logged into RL account. If no email address is configured then default sender email id will be

Similarly email will be sent on delete of any additional line timesheet.

Non- TSL timesheet rejection email screenshot:


Additional Line rejection email screenshot:


1.6           Campaign Unsubscribe Functionality Extension


Receiver of campaign emails can unsubscribe either from current campaign type or from all campaign emails or both. There are two options provided for unsubscribe:

  1. Unsubscribe from current type of Listing
  2. Unsubscribe from all emails



When any option is selected and clicked on Unsubscribe button, email will be successfully unsubscribed from all Campaign emails.



1.7           New setting “Record Source Mandatory” added at Company Settings

One new setting has been added at company level called: Resume Source Mandatory for Candidate—Yes/ No?

Admin –> Company Details à Settings tab screenshot:


On the basis of this setting Resume Source field will be mandatory at New Candidate Screen, Edit Candidate Screen, and New Candidate from Mail and MORL .

Also existing Setting of “Record Source Mandatory” had been renamed as “Record Source Mandatory for all Modules”.

New Candidate screen through MORL screenshot:



1.8           RL Login Company validation


During login into RL, it will be validated if Company is still Active or not. If it is Inactive, then warning message will be shown “Company is not active, please contact with support team




1.9           New field “Job Type” added in Edit Job Screen and New Job Screen


New field “Job Type” has been added on New Job screen and Edit Job screen. Job can now be of following types:

  1. Contract
  2. Permanent
  3. None – Can be left blank.

New company level setting “Job Type Mandatory” has been added which decides whether Job Type field for particular job is mandatory or not.

Admin à Company à Details à Setting tab screenshot:



If set yes, then job type has to be added/ saved while creating new job or editing current job. Error message ” Job Type should not be empty” will be shown.



Jobs can also be searched using Job Type field as search criteria:

Job Search Advanced screenshot:



1.10      PO number validation removed and email sent to Contractor care and consultant about such timesheets


If PO Required is marked Yes at placement level, then it is not mandatory to fill PO Number while submitting any timesheet .

An email is sent to Contractor care team and Consultant of that particular placement where PO is required at placement level but timesheet is submitted without PO number. This is based on setting at company level. There are following two settings:

  1. Send Mail when PO is required but not set and TS is filled: Yes /No

When set yes then email will be sent to cc team and consultant of that placement

  1. Recepient(s) of Mail which is sent for missing PO Number when TS is submitted/Approved:

Lists email of all recipient(s).


Admin à Company à Details à Settings tab screenshot:


In case Contractor care emailed / Consultant email id is blank then email will be sent to


1.11      Interview Activity


Two new company level settings “Allow Internal Interview: Yes / No” and “Show Interview Number : Yes /No” has been added which plays role in Send Out process. By default value is set as No.

Admin à Company à Details à Settings tab screenshot :


If Allow Internal Interview setting is set as Yes , new send out option “Internal Interview” will be provided at Edit Job screen for a particular job.


Once selected a job will be set for Internal Interview. Date and reason for internal interview can be filled for the same and then click on Save . Note that interview date and time is mandatory.


Now if the company level setting “Show Interview Number” is set as Yes then user can now schedule client interviews for that particular job. There can be “n Client Interview” scheduled for a particular job where n can be 1, 2 etc.

Edit Job à Send Out tab screenshot:

Once Client interviews are scheduled for a job, contractor can now be placed and placement can be created at Send Out tab.


If Abridged Send out process is allowed then all actions will be shown with following order depending upon the previous action: Match, Send, Internal Interview, 1st Client Interview, Online Interview, Cancel Interview, Offer, Placed (Pending), Rejection, On Hold, Withdrawal.

1.12      Changes on Client Company Info


Following changes have been made on Edit Client screen à Company Info tab :

  1. Reflect changes on placement for Client Uses Own Timesheetfield and Invoices to be sent field on edit client screen have been removed.
  2. Reflect changes on placement will now appear for Invoice Frequency field on edit client. This means user can reflect invoice frequency on all placements for that particular client when clicked on Confirm and then Save.


  1. One cumulative note will be stamped for combination of field changes on edit client screen.


1.13      Placements are not allowed to be Withdrawn if any timesheet is filled and Timesheet setup is done


  1. If Timesheet(s) of any placement already exist, then status for that particular placement cannot be changed to “Withdrawal”. Error message will be shown. Timesheet type should be set to ‘Not Required’.

Edit Placement screenshot:


1.14      Draft Email shown in yellow in Email history for Candidate / Contact


Draft emails will be shown with yellow background in email history tab of Candidate / Contact. Once such draft emails are deleted they will not appear in email history list.

Edit Candidate à Email History tab screenshot:


1.15      Contractor care is now in cc for insurance expiry and PO Follow up reports

1.16      Timesheet tab mandatory condition removed for withdrawn placements


Contractor care will get Timesheet Type as mandatory field only on Notify Accounts and only if placement status is anything but Withdrawn. For withdrawn placements timesheet type is not mandatory on Notify auditor. Saving placements by contractor care should not have any validation for timesheet details.

1.17      New Setting “Enable Auto Apply Public Holiday” added at Company level


New setting “Enable Auto Apply Public Holiday: Yes / No” has been added at company level. If set Yes then Public holiday for a specific region where user belongs will be auto applied for that particular user. No need to apply for Public holiday. If it is set No then user has to apply explicitly.

Admin à Company à Details à Settings tab screenshot:



1.18      New Setting “Enable Leave Balance” added at Company level

New setting “Enable Leave Balance: Yes / No” has been added at company settings

Admin à Company à Details à Settings tab screenshot:


If it is set No then Leave balance UI should not be shown while applying/approving leaves:


If it is set Yes then Leave balance UI will be shown for that particular company: