Release Notes- IT_Iteration 18

1         IT – Configuration settings to delete email messages coming from Spam Email addresses

Delete Spam Email address settings in company setting:

  • Go to Admin –> Company –>Details
  • Enter the “Max Days To Retain Spam” & “Spam Email Addresses” in the setting tabs and click on save button. The mail messages coming from these email address will be auto deleted after number of days as configured in “Max Days to Retain Spam” text box.

For example email meassages coming from “,” will be auto deleted after 2 days


  • Insert the “DeleteSpamMail” process code in “CompanyProcess” table of the corresponding RLConfig db. Sample insert script for WASP:

INSERT INTO       [dbo].[CompanyProcess]([Company],[ProcessCode],[ServerName],[IsActive])

   SELECT ‘WASP’,’DeleteSpamMail’,’WASPSERVER’,1 WHERE ‘DeleteSpamMail’    NOT IN (SELECT ProcessCode FROM [dbo].[CompanyProcess] WHERE   [ProcessCode] = ‘DeleteSpamMail’ AND [Company] = ‘WASP’ AND [ServerName] = ‘WASPSERVER’)


  • Open RL Window Service config file and append the “DeleteSpamMail” process code to “ProcessCodes” key









  • Then install the RL Window Service and start it. It is schedule to run in every 1 min.












  • After sometime (1-2 min) you will find that the mail messages came from these email addresses has deleted permanently.