Release Notes- Shark Iteration 11

1.    Changes on Existing screens

1.1.  Candidate Screen – Placement Status will change as per the current Date

a)      On candidate edit screen, system shows the Placement status as ‘Current/Previously/Never’ on Candidate Edit Screen and Candidate List View Screen.

b)      The Placement Status shown on the Candidate Edit Screen will be based on the setting at Admin – Company Details -> Show Placement Status on Candidate Screen

c)      For Contract Placement: The Placement Status in the Edit Candidate screen would change according to the date of the placement in the Placement edit screen, as “Current/Previously/Never”.

d)      If the current date is less than the placement  end date , then the Placement Status in the edit Candidate screen is “Current “, else  it would be “Previously”. If the Candidate has never been placed then it would be “Never.



e)    Candidate list View Screen, also displays the” Placement status” in status column with hyperlink, so that it would help to navigate to Placement search screen.


f)           For Permanent Placement: The Placement status would be “Current/ Previously“ according to “ Candidate Status Bench mark” on Admin- Company Details Page . If the start date is less than the Candidate Status Bench mark setting  , then the Placement Status in the edit Candidate screen is “Current “, else  it would be “Previously”. If the Candidate has never been placed then it would be “Never”.



1.2.    Job Screen – Spell Check added for Job Name field

a)      Spell Check is added to the Job name field of the New Job / Existing Job (Edit Job) screen.







1.3.  Placement Edit Screen – Automatic Update of Placement status based on the start Date

a)      Placement Contract/Permanent: Once start date of placement is reached, System will     automatically update the Placement ‘Status’ and ‘Referral’ from ‘Pending’ to ‘Placed’.

file 5

b)      The same will be reflected on the edit candidate and edit placement screen.


1.4.  Sales Form – Show Complete currency if other than $AUD

a)      Edit placement: While generating Sales Form, System will show complete Currency instead of just currency sign when other than $AUD is selected in placement screen.


1.5.   Permanent Placement – Changes in Client letter/ Sales Invoice Report

  1. Permanent Placement – In the client letter and Sales Invoice Report, following changes have been implemented.
  2. The Logo will come from the Pay number.
  3.  Date Format of the Client Letter and Sales Invoice Report of the Permanent Placement has changed. It will now be shown as ‘DD/MM/YYYY’.
  4. The Superannuation % is added in to the Client Letter.
  5.   Client letter will address to the ‘Sell to Contact’ for that placement.
  6. The Page size of the Client letter and Sales Invoice Report has made to one.


1.6. Job application emails from Seek will also be listed in Email History Tab

a)      Candidate Edit -> Earlier seek emails were not listed in the email History tab.

b)      Now format of seek has changed, so the seek emails will now be listed in this tab.

1.7.  Performance of Email History tab increased by many folds

1.8. Changes in the RL Mail -Inbox functionality due to change in seek format

RL –Personal Screen – Inbox

  1. Seek has changed the format of sending emails.
  2. The Candidate /Contact can be added in to the RL directly from the seek mail for the valid email ids
  3. It will supports all email id formats of seek.
  4. The candidate /contact email id present in the seek mail body  should be auto-populated in to the email id fields of the Add Candidate /Add Contact screen.


1.9.  Bible Report – Date fields formatting in excel

  1. The Bible report can be generated from the, ReportsàConsultant –Contractor Screen.
  2. After generating the bible report, export it to excel.
  3. Sort the report with the start date by using the excel sheet Data – Sort.


1.10. Placement Search screen: New columns added when the search list is exported.

a)      Go to Placement Search :->enter the search criteria, the search results are shown in the grid

b)      User has the option to export the search results in excel /pdf.

c)       Following columns will be added in the exported file

  1.    Pay Number
  2.    Pay Period
  3.   Timesheet System
  4.   Contractor Pay Frequency
  5.    Projected EFT Date


1.11. Timesheet Settings for Manual and Automatic Timesheets are simplified

a)      Timesheet settings have been simplified for manual and Automatic timesheets

b)      Following new fields are added

  1.  Online Timesheet live
  2.   Manual Timesheet
  3.   Ariba Timesheets
  4.   CATS Timesheets

c)       Now we can customize sending of TSL notifications and reminders from placement level.  Two check boxes: are added ‘Send TSL Notifications’ & ‘Send TSL Reminders’ are added.


d)      If Timesheet type=’Not required’, then the rest of the fields will not be displayed.



e)       Notes  will get updated accordingly.


1.12.  New screen to change Internal Timesheet Approver – Admin->Users->Approver List

a)      This screen will allow the user to change the approver for Internal Timesheets.

b)      Go to “Admin- Users- Approver List Screenfunctionality.

c)       In the Reassign approver screen, can enter the ‘current approver’ and ‘new approver’ name for changing the timesheet approver.


1.13. Timesheet List –  2 new fields added: Contractor Payment Term frequency and Projected EFT

a)      Go to Placememt search -> search for records->Timesheet list loads with the records

b)      Click on ‘Timesheet List’ icon in the last column

c)      New fields are added on the screen.

  1. Contractor Payment frequency
  2. Projected EFT dates for the Pay periods.


2.   Sale & Purchase

2.1.  Show ‘Submit Sales Form’ to consultant button until Audit Status is Pending with Customer care.

a)      The  Consultant  and Customer care  users can resubmit the Sales form by using the “Resubmit Sales icon” in the Audit section, until notifying the ‘Auditor’.

b)      Resubmit Sales form icon would be visible after the  consultant  has submitted the  sales form.


2.2. New template formats added mail Template types’

a)      The following template types are added in the Mail Template Types.


2.3.  Lock Placements –Navision company and Pay Number must be added

a)      Edit Placement: While locking the placement, Navision company and Pay number must not be blank. This validation is added in the system.


b)   If Timesheet setting is done , then after selecting the ’ Navision comapany’ in the  navision compay field, the “Pay Number” field also has to be filled with a paynumber.


c) If Time sheet setting is “Not Required”, then while locking the placement validation for “blank paynumber” should not happen for ‘pay number’ field. Instead it should display the ’Placement save’ confirmation dialog box.


2.4.  Open Payperiods can be edited for Projected EFT Dates on change in ‘Delay in Pay’

a)      If the value for ‘Delay in Pay’ is changed, the EFT Dates of the Pay periods can be calculated again

b)      Go to Finance- Settings – >Pay Number, Pay Period List Screen.

c)       GO to ‘Edit Pay period’->Save

  1. The ‘EFT dates of the Pay period “would be calculated again with the new value set in for ‘Delay in Pay Periods’.
  2. The Starting date and ending date of the pay periods can also be changed.


2.5.  Pay Number is linked to Navision Company

a)      On New Pay Number screen, User will have to specify the Navision Company.






b)      On Edit Contract placement screen, the Pay numbers would be displayed according to the Navision Company selected in the Placement Screen.


c)      If Navision company field is of Null value, then the validation for the field pay number to “Enter Pay number value “also won’t be happening.

2.6  Client Payment terms has made mandatory for Time sheet lines while moving it into Pay Journal batch.

a)      On moving  the timesheets to a batch, System will check whether the client payment terms are selected on the Placement edit screen.


b)      If user selects Client tab->’Client Payment Terms’ = ‘Other’, then on moving the timesheets to the batch, system will show validation message to the user.

c)       System will show the validation “Client Payment term – Not valid for placement”.



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