Release Notes- Shark Iteration 12

1.    Changes on Existing screens


1.1  Edit Client Screen: Bank Details are showing for both “Internal and External” Umbrella Company.


 In the Edit Client Screen, the bank details section is showing for both Internal and external Umbrella Company.

a. The Bank details section is mandatory only for “Internal” Umbrella Company.

  • Edit ClientàCompany Info, Entity Type= “Umbrella Company”.

Edit Client Screen–>Company Info:



1.2  Resume Repository Fetches RL Candidate List.

The Resume Repository shows the Combined list of records from Repository and the  Candidate list in RL.

  1. When the checkbox “Fetch from RL Candidate also “is ticked and search, it fetches the Candidate list in RL.
  2. It displays the RL Candidate list in the bottom of the page in the grid ”RL Candidate List”.

Candidate – Resume Repository :



1.3  The Core Skill Filter is added to the Placement search screen.

The Core Skill Filter is added to the Placement search screen. This filter shall retrieve all the placement records whose job has a respective Core skill mentioned.

  • Placement –Search Screen:




1.4  Export To List (Candidate/Client/HiringContact/Billing Contact ) is added to the Placement Search Screen.

 The Placement Search Results can be exported as Candidate, Client, Billing Contact or Hiring Contact List by using,

  • Placement–>Search Results–> Export to List

Placement- search Screen:



Placement–> Search Results–>Export to List Candidate:




1.5  Margin Only Placement can be created.

The margin only placement can be created for the Contract Placement by choosing the “margin only option”.

  • Edit Placement Screen àContract details Tab-> By Ticking the Margin Only Checkbox.

Edit Placement Screen:



  1. For Marin Only Placement, the Notional pay rate, Notional Charge rate and Notional Net margin are considering instead of payrate, Charge rate and Net margin.
  2. Only Sales Invoice is required for “Margin only” Placement.

1.6   The Rate Split Lines in the Pay Time Sheet screen are highlighted with Green Colour.

In the Pay Time sheet Screen, the lines which are having a rate split for the week, is easily visible as it is highlighted with green colour.

  • The Rate Split is setting at the Placement Edit Screen, Contract details tab by Clicking on the (+)icon.

Placement Edit Screen :




Finance –>Pay Time Sheet Screen:





1.7  TS / Manual Timesheet Audit Process.

New screen Contractor Timesheet to show Time Sheet listing of contractors is added under Finance Module. This listing will be used for manual timesheet maintenance.

  • User can generate list based on various filter criteria.
  • Timesheets imported from Ariba/Navision etc will be imported as submitted and not as approved.
  • User can submit and approver can reject the time sheet on this List based on proper rights.
  • The same can be exported to Excel as well.  On each action of submitted and approved, entry in audit list tab of concerned placement is made.



  1. On rejection User will need to provide comments for the same.



  1. Mouse over on Status Rejected, will show reason of rejection.




1.8  RL company code should be sent while sending data in XML to navision or XERO:

The RL Company is sending to the Navision while passing the data in Xml, on posting the sales Invoice and purchase invoice to Navision or Xero.


Posted Sales Invoice Screen in Navision:




1.9  The Net Margin value in the National Performance report is showing three decimal values.

The Net Margin Value/Percentage allows up to 3 decimal places in the National Performance report.


Reports- National Performance Report:




1.10                      Implemented the Fixed Fee Value for Permanent Placement.

  The Fixed fee calculation for the permanent Placement can be achieved by ticking the Checkbox “Is Fixed Fee?”.

  • Edit Permanent Placement à Salary & Fee Tab – Tick the Checkbox “Is Fixed Fee?”.

Edit Permanent Placement Screen:





1.11                      Intelligence on Core Skill and Core Roles Fields – it will remember last 20 user’s selected items.

In  RL screens, after clicking on the auto complete option “*” of the core roles and Core skills fields, the drop down displays list of top 20 core skill/role (s) used by him recently in the order of latest used. As and when new role/skill is used, it’s shown on top on press of *.


Candidate Advance Search Screen: User enters SQL in Core Roles




Now wherever user selects * on core role, it will show SQL on top.




1.12               Unsubscribe Email Service – Bar email for candidate or contact

With the help of this feature automation of email bar in RL can be achieved if mail is received in Unsubscribe mail box.

  1. Email address of candidate/contacts sending mail to Unsubscribe mail address, will be automatically barred in RL.
  2. Currently consultants need to do it manually.
  3. This needs setting based on company level and also configuration of Unsubscribe mailbox.
  4. Configure receive mail for this email address with Admin or any other user who majorly deal in campaign.


Improvement in date format of Original Message detail while reply and forward.


Previous mail format in Compose mail  Screen:







2.    Sales & purchase

2.1               Updated- Recipient in Send Mail option in Placement when auditor sending mail.


Currently the Email of contractor care set at branch level of logged in users branch is shown in recipient (To field) field. However it should show the Email of contractor care set at branch level of account manager 1 for the placement.


  1. a.      The contractor care email id picks from the Admin –> Company –> Branch List of the Account Manager–>Options tab—>“ Sales Form Notification to  Contractor Care” Field.

Admin–> Company –>Branch List screen:





  1. If it’s not set in the branch level, then its picks Contractor Care Email address from the  Admin –Company-Details—“ Contractor Care Email Address Field”.

Placement Edit–> Send Mail Sscreen1creen:



2.2                The Submit Sales form is automatically gets generated when only one Sales Form Template is available for a Company.

For a Company, if only one Sales Form template is set, then while trying to submit the Sales Form or Resubmit sales Form, It gets automatically generated.

  • On each of the Audit Stage, the sales form will be regenerated and attached in the mail.


2.3               IPS Referral Form is automatically gets generated and attached while Notifying the Payroll, if only one IPS referral form template is available for a company.

For a Company, if only one IPS Referral Form template is set, then while trying to Notify Payroll , It gets automatically generated and attached with the mail to “Notify Payroll”.


Edit Placement: Mail to Notify Payroll:




  • IPS Referral Form has the following tags, Job Title , IPS Fees Paid by Agency and IPS Fees Paid by Contractor.


IPS Referral Form Screenshot:




  • The “IPS fee Paid from Contractor Pay rate” option for Standard decduction table in the Placement Contract detail tab, can be set from the branch level setting , Admin – Branch Setting àCost and Fee – Add “IPS fee Paid from Contractor Pay rate” under the Standard Deduction section.


Placement Edit screen:




2.4               Changes in the Sales Form Audit Process:

  1. a.      The “Send Query Option “is added to the Audit Options in the Ribbon.


  • After submitting the sales form by the consultant to the Contractor care, the “send query”option is available in the Audit grid.
  • The Recipient fields in the Send Query mail are automatically populated with the email address, according to the audit stage. For example, if auditor sends the send Query, the Contractor care email id gets auto-populated in the To field.
  • After Clicking on the “send query”, the audit state is rolled back to previous state. For example: If Auditor sends the query the audit state goes back to Contractor care level , by unchecking the Auditor Notified text box.


Edit Placement Screen: After sending the Query by Auditor to Contractor Care:



  • After sending the send Query, the Audit List tab in the Edit Placement sceen  gets updated with the message to “whom the Send Query has sent”. For example, “Send query has sent to Auditor”.


Edit Placement Screen:



  1. b.      For the Auditor Login, ”Audit CheckList” Icon is added.
  • The auditor can Notify Accounts or Send Query to the Contractor care by using the “AuditCheck List” Icon.


Edit Placement Screen: After Notifying Auditor:



  • By Clicking on the Notify Accounts, the Audit Checklist can be verified and send to the Accounts.


Audit CheckList Screen:



  • After sending the mail to “Notify Accounts”, the Notify Accounts and Approved by Auditor Checkbox are automatically ticked, and the message is shown in the Audit List tab of the Placement.


Edit Placement Screen, After Notifying Accounts:




2.5               Placement Screen: Sales form Audit changes for Email

The mail from the Edit Placement screen can be saved and viewed in the Email History tab.


  • Edit Placement – Choose a mail to send (eg: Click on “Send Mail “option( Submit Sales/Notify Auditor/Notify Accounts) and click on “Save”).
  1. The mail gets saved and viewed in the Email history tab with discard icon ( with red “x”),  to discard the mail.
  2. It should be noted that mails appearing in Email History are treated as normal mails and if send is done then it does not perform actions of Submit sales form etc. It simply sends mail. The submit sales form/Notify auditor etc still needs to be done from the existing options in top ribbon.

Edit Placement Screen –>Email History Tab



2.6               Allow Generation of Contracts on all stages of SF audit even after locking:

 Currently system does not allow Contract document generation on Edit Placement Screen, if placement is either locked or approved auditor.

However with this change the contracts button is always available on placement screen.


Placement Edit Screen:



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