Release Notes- Shark Iteration 13

1          Changes on Existing screens

1.1    Email History Tab is added to the Edit Client Screen

The Email History tab is added to the Edit Client Screen. It displays the mail received by the Client to the email id specified in one of the Email id field in “Address and Telephone” tab.

Edit Client Screen:



1.2   Client records can be distinguished between Existing Clients and New Clients

The clients are marked as new or existing clients in the ribbon of edit client screen based on the date created. This classification is showing in the RL based on the setting “Enable New/ Existing Client Feature” in the Company detail Page.

Admin–>Company Details




  • The Clients are shown “New”, if the
  • Client  is created Newly and the date created is after “31 december 2014”.
  • Client have all job Placement date is  after “31 december 2014”.
  • Client is changed to “Active” from “Inactive” state. And the date, client has created in RL would be changed to current Date and Time.
  • The Clients are shown “Existing”, if the:
  • Clients have a job Placement date before “31 december 2014”.
  • Clients are created before “31 december 2014” and no  placement is created so far, then it would be marked as “Existing” and in  Inactive state.


Edit Client Screen of “New” Client:


  • In the Advance Search screen added a new criteria to search the New/ Existing Clients.

Client Advance Search Screen:




1.3                 Client Search Results can be export to “Excel”

The Client id and Client Name from the advance search results of Client can be export to “Excel sheet” by using the option “Export to” on “Client List” screen.

a)      Client List Screen shot: 2

b)      Client Results exported to Excel Sheet:




1.4           New Fields are added in the Company Info tab of Edit Client Screen.

The new and mandatory fields added to the company Info tab of edit client screen are,

  • In the  Cost and Fees section: Contract Minimum Margin% field, Perm Minimum Fee Field, Perm Minimum Fee  value Field.
  • The Time Sheet System Field
  • Bill To Field is made mandatory and this field value is populating in to the  edit Placement screen “Contact To Use Field”.
  • T&C start date and End date. This field is enable only when T&C document is uploaded in the Client screen.

Edit Client screen -Company Info tab screen shot


1.5           Audit Process in Edit  Client Screen.


The Audit Process is implemented for the Client.

  • The Audit Process is enabled for a Client on the basis of the setting “Client Audit = Yes” at Admin -> Company Details Setting.



  • The consultants who have the role “Allow Audit Client” is allowed, only can perform the audit of client and Lock the Client screen.
  • The consultant can initiate audit by Clicking on “Notify Auditor” icon in the Audit ribbon.
  • In the notify auditor mail, auditor email address is picking from the AdminàCompany details settingà”Auditor Email Address Field”.
  • After Notifying the auditor “Auditor Notified” checkbox will be ticked and the Audit List tab is updated.


a)      Edit Client Screen: 7

  • After Notifying the Auditor ”the Audit Send Query” Icon is visible in the audit ribbon.
  • The “Audited/Locked” checkbox is enabled to tick only after notifying the “auditor”. After ticking and saving “Audited /Locked” checkbox,
    • The Save icon will not be visible in edit client screen.
    • A mail will be send to consultant with the subject “Client Name- Client ID- Audited”.
    • The audit list tab is updated with the notes “Approved by Auditor and mail send to Consultant.
    • The New Client will be marked as “Existing”.


b)      Edit Client Screen:



In the Client- Advance search screen, the Audit Status and Client Contract uploaded filters are added.


c)       Client—Advance Search screen shot




1.6           Validation on Placement for Min Contract Margin %, Min Permanent Fee Percent, Permanent Fee Value to be from Client instead of branch when Finance Module On

If finance module is enabled then On edit Contract Placement ->Contract Details validation will be done to check that net margin % for BT standard entries should not  fall below the one set at edit client ( as mentioned in item 1.4- Contract Minimum Margin %). If it does then login manager pops up for confirmation and on successful login the placement is saved and an entry is made in Audit List tab of the placement.


a)      Edit Contract Placement—Contract Details




a)      Edit Client—Value at company info tab 11


If finance module is enabled then On edit Permanent Placement ->Salary and Fee validation will be done for following cases.

Is Fixed Fee checked: The fixed fee value excluding GST is compared against the one set at client level (as mentioned in item 1.4- Perm Minimum Fee  value). If it is lower than login manager pops up for confirmation and on successful login the placement is saved and an entry is made in Audit List tab of the placement


b)      Edit Permanent Placement—Salary and Fee




c)       Edit Client—Value at company info tab


Is Fixed Fee Not checked: The fee Percent is compared against the one set at client level (as mentioned in item 1.4- Perm Minimum Fee %). If it is lower than login manager pops up for confirmation and on successful login the placement is saved and an entry is made in Audit List tab of the placement.


d)      Edit Permanent Placement—Salary and Fee


e)      Edit Client—Value at company info tab


If the relevant fields are not > 0 on edit client->company info tab then system behave as is


If finance module is disabled then no change in current system.


1.7           Consultants with certain rights are allowed to modify Candidate firstname and Lastname.


The consultants with employee level greater than or equal to “30” or  with the right “Allow to Edit Contractor Name” is allowed, can edit the Candidate first name and last name in the Edit Candidate screen.


Edit candidate screen:of Consultants with employee level >=30








Edit candidate screen:of Consultants with employee level < 30







1.8           New filter is added to the Placement search screen to track the placement.


The filter “Field Changed“  drop down is added to the placement search screen to track the changes happened in the placement screen for the fields mentioned as the drop down options.


  • The placement search results can be exported as a report in excel or pdf by using the “Export to” option in the ribbon.

Placement Search Screen shot:


  • In the report, it mentions the old and the new  field value in the respective columns for the field used to filter and also in the “Remarks” column of the report.

Report Exported to excel screen shot


  • The notes are stamping in to the edit placement notes tab, whenever the field value is changed in the placement.


1.9           The Projected EFT date column is added to the Placement Search Result.

The “Projected EFT Date” column is shown in the placement search result.

1.10      The Referred Column is added to the Placement Search Result


The Placement Search report is added with a Column “Referred”  to show that placement deals are referred or not.


  • The term “referred” is also added along with the Job name in the UI of placement search record to identify the referred deals.


a)      Placement search results screen shot


b)      Placement Search Report Exported to Excel :


1.11      Follow Up functionality in the Edit Placement Screen

The follow up functionality in the edit placement screen can be achieved by ticking the “Follow Up” check box.

  • The “Follow Up” checkbox is allowed to ticked only for the users having the right to “Lock  Placement”.
  • While ticking the Follow Up,  the pop up screen displays to enter the comment. This comment  adds in to the audit list tab of placement with the prefix “Follow Up -“.


a)      Edit Placement screen after ticking the “Follow up” Check box:



b)      Edit Placement screen after updating the comment for Follow up in Audit List tab.



  • While Unticking the Follow Up, also the pop up screen displays to enter the comment. This comment also adds in to the audit list tab of placement with the prefix “Follow Up Completed-“.






c)       Edit Placement Screen: Audit List Tab:




1.12      In Edit Contract placement 48 hours option is added to the Notice Period drop down.

The option “48 Hours” is added to the Notice period drop down for edit contract placements.


Edit Contract Placement screen shot





1.13      The Payroll Tax ID is calculated on the basis of the “Branch setting of Account Manager1”.


1.14      The Unsubscribe Email link is added for the RL campaign mails

The RL campaign mails can be unsubscribed by the following setup,


Admin –CompanyDetails Page screen shot






  • Configure this email address to Admin User in email setting


New Campaign Mail – Screen shot


  • User receives campaign mail and sends mail to provided “Unsubscribe email address”.
  • Background process will check for new mails in mail account configured in Step -2 and Step-1.  And “Bar Email” for sender of mail in Candidate and Contacts.
  •   Now for that candidate / contact Bar/Unbar status become “Barred” and it will appear in edit candidate screen like below image.


1.15      Changes in Tick Sheet Report


In the Tick Sheet Report following changes are made,


  • “Time Sheet Week Ending Date” filter is added.
  • The Time sheet of the status Submitted , Approved , Processing and Invoiced are showing in the Tick Sheet Report.
  • Consultant name in the Ticksheet report is “Account Manager1” value mentioned in Edit Placement screen.If “CBA-LTM” or “CBA-NPV” is ticked for Account Manager1, then that also have to show  in ticksheet report.
  • In the exported  “Excel sheet” of  Tick sheet Report, the column “Paynumber” is added.

Tick Sheet Report Screenshot:



1.16      Generate Manual Timesheets even if the duration is less than 1 week.

In the edit Placement screen, if the duration of the placement is less than one week then also, the RL would allow to generate the manual timesheet.


2          Sales and Purchase


2.1           The Notify Payroll and Reset Audit icons are available at all the stages of the Audit Process

The Notify Payroll and Reset Audit icons are available at all the stages of the audit process even after the placement is locked.


  • Notify Payroll icon is enabled only for the users who have the rights “Allow to Notfify Payroll” is allowed.
  • Similarly Reset Audit icon is enabled only for the users who have the rights “Allow to Reset Audit” is allowed.
  • As Notify Payroll is allowed to do only once in the audit process, It wont be available in the audit ribbon after notifying the payroll.

Edit Contract Placement screenshot




2.2   Candidate Id is added to the sales Form

The RL Candidate Id is added to the Sales form of Contract and Permanent Placement.

Screen shot of  Contract Placement Sales Form


2.3           The IPS Referral Form is showing Contractor Pay Rate, if no deduction from the Pay Rate.

The IPS Referral Form is showing Contractor Pay Rate, if no deduction from the Pay Rate.

IPS Referral Form Screen Shot




2.4           Link to open Placement screen from the Audit checklist popup into separate tab.

The “Open Placement” icon is added to the Audit Check list screen to open the same edit placement screen in to new tab.


Edit Placement Screen, Audit Check List Screen shot:


2.5           Navision Company, Pay number, Timesheet System, Timesheet Type should be present in audit checklist.

The Navision Company, Pay number, Timesheet System, Timesheet Type are added to the Client details of audit checklist screen.


Edit Placement Screen, Audit Check List Screen shot: 35


2.6           Contractor Care team should be able to select the Navision company, Pay number, Timesheet System, Timesheet Type.

The Contractor care team before ”Notifying the Auditor” must select the Navision Company, Pay number, Timesheet System and Time Sheet Type.

  • The System won’t allow to “Notify Auditor” without selecting the Navision Company, Pay number, Timesheet System and Time Sheet Type.
  • The Sales form generated at the Contractor Care contains the Navision Company details.


a)      Edit Contract Placement Screen For Contractor Care Login While Clicking on Notify Auditor:



After selecting the Navision Company Value , the Time sheet tab loads automatically and ask to fill the Timesheet System while “Notifying Auditor”.

b)      Edit Contract Placement Screen: After selecting the Navision Company and Click on Notify Auditor.


c)       Edit Contract Placement Screen: After selecting the Timesheet Type and on Placement Save.



d)      Sales Form Generated at Contractor Care:


2.7           The RCTI Email Address filed is editable in the Purchase invoice screen.


In the Purchase invoice screen, the RCTI Email address field is editable.

  • On changing the email address in the RCTI Email address field, it stamps a note in the placement audit tab.
  • The RCTI email Address of the sender mentioned in the Admin – Company details RCTI Email Address field should be configured for sending mails.
  • Few other fields are made visible on Purchase Invoice Screen, ex EFT amount, entity type, Registered for GST etc


Purchase Invoice screen shot:




2.8           Send Remittance is added for Purchase Invoice Only for Pay Roll Companies.

The  Send Remittance icon  is added on the Purchase Invoice List screen when we select the “Pending for Remittance”  from the Invoice Status drop down, it can be send only for Payroll Companies.



  • For sending the Remittance, need to select the Paynumber, Umbrella Company and the EFT Date.
  • Export to XLS and PDF of Remittance report is also available.
  • Umbrella Company Email address is editable at Invoice level.
  • After sending the remittance if we want to resend the remittance again then that is also possible as an open mail icon is added in the Purchase Invoice List –> Invoice Status as “PAID”



  • Umbrella company email address is prepopulated to purchase invoice at the time of generation of purchase  invoice from the umbrella company client level à Address and Telephone Tab. Both Email and Email1 fields are concatenated and stored as Umbrella company email address.
  • Mismatched records which should be available for Remittance are also available on Purchase Invoice List à Invoice Status à Mismatch for Remittance . It will list all those records for which EFTamount of the Invoice is not matching with Total Amount of Invoice



2.9           Generate RCTI and send to Payee, option added for purchase invoice:

  • Select Finance->Purchase List->Select status as Pending for RCTI. This will list all the records for which RCTI can be generated. User can select one or multiple records in check boxes and click on Generate RCTI button. This will generate and post the RCTI via email to payee.

Pending for RCTI records should have following attributes.

  • Entity type Umbrella for Trust companies.
  • Registered for GST/RTI should be true at placement level
  • No RCTI should have been already generated
  • Invoice should have been paid in Navision.
  • Once the RCTIs are generated, emails are sent to the respective payee with RCTI document in pdf format attached. The same document is saved at File system on Company->Reports->Purchase->RCTI.
  • An entry is made in purchase invoice history trail “RCTI is successfully generated”.
  • The emails can be viewed by clicking the   in Action column of the list as shown below.



  • Emails are created with a pre set mail format defined in Admin->Mail template->Send RCTI mail

2.10      The Projected EFT is passing as Due Date while Posting the Purchase Invoice from RL to Navision.


The Projected EFT is taken as Due Date while posting the purchase invoice from RL to Navision.

Purchase Invoice Details screen shot:


2.11      The Projected Invoice Date column is not showing on Sales Invoice  List screen.


2.12      Can Import the EFT status from Navision to RL.


The Purchase invoice payment status and the EFT generation details in the Navision can be imported and the details are showing in RL.

  • The EFT status of the purchase invoices for which the EFT generated and posted in Navision can be imported from Navision to RL by using the icon “ Import EFT Status”.
  • The EFT generation details are showing in the “Purchase History trail”.


Purchase Invoice screen shot:


2.13      Payrate 0 is allowed

  • The validation on saving PayRate 0 in Placement screen is removed and system allows to save payrate 0 successfully.


Edit Contract Placement screen shot:











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