Release Notes- Shark Iteration 14


1          Changes on Existing screens

1.1           The Unsubscribe link is added for all the RL campaign mails

RL campaign mails can be unsubscribed by clicking on Link provided in the campaign emails.

  • Create New Campaign and Send.


New Campaign Mail – Screen shot




  • Campaign mail will be received with a link at the bottom to unsubscribe from the Campaign mails.


Campaign Email – Screen shot



  • To unsubscribe, click on link “Unsubscribe from our emails”. User will be directed to following page:

Manage Subscription screenshot :




  • Click on Unsubscribe button to stop receiving emails for Campaign. User will be unsubscribed.



  •   Now for that candidate / contact Bar/Unbar status become “Barred” and it will appear in edit screen like below image.



1.2           Validation added on Company info tab of Client Screen.

  • If  any placement exists  for the Client
  1. Timesheet System will be mandatory and it should not be empty. 6


  1. If any T&C document  of Document Type  “Terms of Business – Both or Terms Of Business –Contract  or Terms Of Business – Perm or Client Contract or Client Service Agreement ”  is uploaded then:

i.      T&C Start Date cannot be empty.

ii.      T&C End Date cannot be empty.



  1. If any Document of Document Type “Terms of Business – Both or Client Contract or Client Service Agreement “ is uploaded then:

i.      Following fields will be mandatory and cannot be empty.

  1. Contract Min Margin (%)
  2. Perm Min Fee Value
  3. Perm Min Fee (%)



  1. If only Terms Of Business –Contract document is uploaded then Contract Min Margin (%) is mandatory and it cannot be empty.


  1. If only Terms Of Business – Perm document is uploaded then Perm Min Fee Value field and Perm Min Fee (%) field cannot be left empty.


  • Any new Placement( New Contract Placement,  Contract Extension, Contract to Permanent, Permanent) cannot be created until following fields are filled in Edit Client screen and are not left empty.


  1. T&C Start Date
  2. T&C End Date
  3. If Placement type is Permanent, then Perm Min Fee Value and Perm Min Fee (%).
  4. If Placement type is Contract or Contract Extn, then Contract Min Margin (%).


Send Out creation screen of Contract Placement type:








1.3           New filters added in Client Advance Search screen

  • Client advance search screen will have three new filters. Clients can now be filtered by Invoice structure Type, Entity Type and Timesheet System.



  • Invoice Structure Type , Entity Type and Timesheet System  from the advance search results of Client can also be exported to “Excel” by using option “Export to ” on “Client List” screen.

a)      Client List Screen shot:




b)      Client Results exported to Excel Sheet:






1.4           Merge Purge will not be allowed if Source Record has any Finance related transactions or if any placement exists for source record.


  • Client Merge and Purge or simply Merge with Destination client will not be allowed if any Finance Related transaction exists or if any placement exists for that client.

Merge And Purge à Client Screen shot:




  • Candidate Merge and Purge or simply Merge with Destination Candidate record will not be allowed if any Finance Related transaction exists  or if any placement exists for that candidate.


Merge And Purge à Candidate Screen shot:




  • Contact Merge and Purge or simply Merge with Destination contact will not be allowed if any Finance Related transaction exists  or if any placement exists for that contact.


Merge And Purge à Contact Screen shot:


1.5           Entity Name and Entity Type in Contractor tab of Edit Placement  cannot be changed if any Sales or Purchase Invoice is already generated for that particular placement when Finance module On.


  • In case of Finance module On, if Sales or Purchase Invoice is already generated for that placement, Entity Name and Entity Type will not be allowed to changed. Error message will be shown on click of Save.

Edit Placement ScreenàInvoice tab Screen shot:

Invoice already exists for the placement.


Edit Placement ScreenàContractor tab Screen shot(before changing values):


Entity Name or Entity Type will not be allowed to change for this particular placement. Validation Message will be shown on click on Save.

Edit Placement ScreenàContractor tab Screen shot


  • Note : This validations doesn’t hold true for Margin Only placements.

1.6           Changes in Audit List tab of Edit placement screen

  • Audit list is now shown as grid and hence navigation is easier.
  • Two checkboxes (Include Timesheet Audit and Include Invoice Audit) are provided to include/exclude the relevant data on Contract/Permanent placement.

Edit Contract Placement ScreenàAudit List tab Screen shot:


  • Only Include Invoice Audit check box is provided on Permanent placement.
  • If Include Timesheet Audit is ticked and clicked on Refresh, then it will show TSL related entries in Audit list tab else, it will not.
  • Similarly, if Include Invoice Audit check box is ticked and clicked on Refresh then it will include invoice related actions also else it will not.
  • The last checkbox selection is retained for user i.e. if user log off and login again his check box on this screen shown selected/un selected, depending on last usage


1.7           Validate Campaign Sender Email Address

  • Validate the campaign sender email address and if it is not configured then show the error message:

Sender Email: <email address> is not allowed to send campaign




1.8           Campaign List


  • Now the Campaign List will open as a page rather than a Popup window. This will remove the issue of Clone campaign where the editor was not loading correctly earlier.







  • On Edit screen / Clone Campaign after sending the mail, it will redirect to the list page rather than opening New Campaign.












1.9           On Job Placement added new fields: Actual Start Date, Duration in weeks, and Cumulative Duration in weeks

  • Field definition:

Actual Start date:  It is a start date of first placement

Duration in weeks:  It is duration of current placement in weeks

Cumulative Duration in weeks: It is duration of current placements and all extensions.

Jobplacement Search List:

These new fields are added in Start Date column.








Placement Search result Reports:



1.10      Consultants with certain rights are allowed to modify Client status.


The consultants with employee level greater than or equal to “40” or with the right “Allow to Change Client Status” is allowed or can change Client status in the Edit Client screen.


Edit Client screen of Consultants with employee level >=40:



Edit Client screen of Consultants with employee level < 40:


Edit Client screen of Consultants with employee level < 40 but has right “Allow to Change Client Status” :






1.11      Make Date type fields filterable in XLS for Sales form Report and Placement Search report

In XLS make the Date type fields filterable so that XLS can be filtered on dates.



1.12      Forget password option added on RL login page



















2          Sales and Purchase

2.1           Import Sales Invoice Payment details from Navision

  • RL will automatically communicate with Navision to get payment detail of invoices.
  • User will also be able to check current payment detail by click on button “Import Payment Status”

Edit Sales Invoice screen:




  • “Import Payment Status” button will appear only for posted and paid invoices.


  • For any update in payment status, it will show detail in Sales history trail.


2.2           Unique PO shown  in Finance Module


  • Unique PO number in Finance Module without day abbreviation.
  • Only the unique Po numbers will be shown in finance module. This change is effective on Pay à Journal batch screen and in all relevant reports.

Payà Journal Batch screen:



Sales Invoice Report screenshot:



  • While auditing, Validate Entry Reports will have only three reports to validate. Invoice  Report is now removed.


2.3           Save Sales Invoice even after Posting & reflect the changes at Placement

Following fields are allowed to be saved after invoice creation:

a)      PO Number

b)      Biller Contact name

c)       Biller Address

d)      Comments

e)      Client E-mail

  • If user has Right “Can Alter Posted Invoice” then only he/she can alter these fields of Posted Invoice or Invoice status is “Invoiced”.



  • To reflect the changes on Placement User has to click Confirm when he/she is changing the value of any of these fields.


Note: For each of the fields this confirmation box will appear as soon as user starts typing in.     For every change in any of these fields Sales History Trail will be updated with the comments stating what is the change and who made it at what time.

  • If Confirm clicked for any/all of these fields then depending upon that following fields at Placement level will be affected/updated.
  1. If Biller Contact Name is opted to reflect the changes at placement level then it will update the Contact to Use  and Billing Contact ID


  1. If Biller Address is opted to reflect the changes at placement level then it will update the Address blow Contact to Use – Street1, Stret2, Suburb, State, Post Code, Country.

Note: The address should be fields at invoice level should be separated by comma so that we can break them into Street1, Stret2, Suburb, State, Post Code, Country format at placement level


  1. If Client E-Mail is opted to reflect the changes at placement level then it will update the Email Address field.


  1. If PO number is opted to reflect the changes at placement level then it will update the PO number and
    1. If isPORequired? Was NO then it will become YES
    2. If there is COMMA in the PO Number then it make PO type as: Multiple else Single.


  1. If Comments is opted to reflect the changes at placement level then they will be appended to the text that is already in the Any Other Conditions.

Note: if Length of comments and existing Any Other Conditions text is more than 200 characters then system will not allow save.




  • At Placement level under Audit tab the changes made to the placement via Sales Invoice will be stamped stating the change made, by whom and at what time.
  • On change of these fields at Edit Placement à Client Tab system will send an automatic notification to Auditors and Accounts Team about the changes made at placement level from Sales Invoice level. This mail will be available under Email History Tab.
  • The Mail template with the name “Send Sales Invoice Modify Notification” can be used to set the template of this mail. (See below screenshot for reference)

41 42



2.4           Changes in  Sales Invoice List and Edit Invoice Screen

  • Sales invoice can now be Searched on Payment Date also.
  • List will display Payment Amount and Payment Date

Sales Invoice Search screenshot:



  • Edit Invoice screen will now display Payment Date and Payment Amount.




Sales Invoice Search screenshot:


2.5           Changes in Sales Register Report.

  • Sales Register can now be Searched on Payment Date also.







Sales Register List Report:

  • Added more fields and updated few existing fields:

a)      Placement start date

b)      Bank

c)       Outstanding  Amount

d)      Pay number

e)      Invoice Status 

f)       Invoice Category

g)      RL Candidate ID

h)      Start date of employment






2.6           Placed Candidate filter in Pay à Timesheets screen

  • Search can be done on Pay à Timesheets screen using  filter criteria Candidate which will show only those Candidate Names which are placed.







2.7           Invoice per Expense Line

In the Pay Journal Batch Screen — > Generate Invoice, Generate the separate Sales and Purchase Invoices for Expense lines

Note: At the time of adding Adjustment Line if user selects Expense with GST / without GST then user has to take care himself/ herself for removing the GST % / Pay roll Tax %.



2.8           Select All checkbox in Action column is added in Pay à Journal Batch screen.

3             Checkbox is added in Action column of Pay à Journal Batch screen to select all the Timesheets that can be dropped. Selection is not for processing the batch as the batch is always processed for all lines in processing stage.


a)      If any one of the Timesheets from the list is ticked or selected, then Process and Audit button will not be visible.

b)      If “Select All” is ticked, then also Process and Audit buttons will not be visible.

c)       If none of them in the list is ticked, then both Process and Audit button will be visible.


Journal Batch screen(with none selected):




Journal Batch screen(with selected record):



2.9           New columns added in finance related reports and number format shown in thousands.

  • Paynumber Name column is now added in following reports:


a)      Entry Validation Report

b)      Timesheet Audit Report

c)       Remittance Report

d)      Contractor Timesheet Report


  • Date Approved  column is now added in following reports:


a)      Contractor Timesheet Report


  • Total of “Actual Pay Units” is now shown in Timesheet Audit Report.


Note : Number format will be in thousands (using comma separator) in all finance related reports.










2.10      Single Line Invoice — New Client Invoice Structure Type

  • New client invoice structure type is added: Single Line Invoice.
  • To generate the sales Invoices with ONE line only as Invoice line even if there are multiple lines for processing for the same WE / same transaction type/ Adjustment line.
  •  Validation is also added while generating the Invoices (Pay Journal batch screen à Generate Invoice).
  • It will show the list of all such lines for which Client’s Invoice Structure Type is “Single Line Invoice”, Payable Units is Negative.




2.11      Weekending column added in Sales and Purchase Invoice List


  • Sales Invoice List – Weekending Column: It provides timesheet(s) weekending date.






  • Purchase Invoice List – Weekending Column: It provides timesheet(s) weekending date.




2.12      Additional Description in Sales Invoice Lines


  • Sales Invoice Lines: Show additional description and allow edit
  • On edit screen of Sales Invoice, there is list of invoice items. Description filed will also show “Additional description” which is helpful for making any note. On click of edit it will open a small popup to update detail.







After Save:






  • It will also make an entry in Sales history trail.




  • Sales Invoice Report: Provided additional description will also appear in Sales Invoice Report.



2.13      New search criteria of “Contactor Entity Name” in Job Placement, Sales Register and Sales Form


  • Contractor Entity Name is also called as Payroll Company. It is a free text field and with wild characters will be searchable / filterable.
  1. Job Placement Search:





  1. Sales Register Search:





  1. Sales Form Report Search:





Other minor changes:

  • On Sales register search screen : Placement id text box should show blank if zero


2.14      Closing Pay Period Validations

  • Only Account person is entitled to close the Pay Period. Following are the restrictions while closing the pay period:

a)      Only current pay period can be closed .



b)      Multiple pay periods cannot be closed.


c)       Pay period having Unposted invoices cannot be closed.


d)      Pay period having lines in Payjournal Batch in processing or audited stage cannot be closed.



e)      Pay Period having Timesheets in processing cannot be closed.



2.15       Add Currency column in Bible report

Currency column is now added in the Bible report Export XLS and PDF.


Bible Report screenshot:




2.16      Reconciliation Report


  • Reconciliation Report is added in Finance Module. This report shows the data in RL and corresponding data in Navision for posted invoices. User need to select Sales/Purchase to view the corresponding report. Export to Pdf and Excel is also provided.

Finance à List à Reconciliation







2.17      Sales Invoice Item: Edit Description and Additional Description


User can now edit Description and Save Additional Description








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