Release Notes- Shark Iteration 15


1          Changes on Existing screens

1.1           Contact Name column is now added in Job List

Contact Name for respective job can now be seen in the Job list. User can now click on Contact Name and navigate to Edit Contact screen. In addition, filter has been added on Contact Name. These changes have been implemented at three places.

  • Job list screen.

Job –> List –> View – Screen shot



  • Job list in edit Client screen

Edit Client –>Job List tab  Screen shot


  • Job list in edit Contact screen

Edit Contact –> Job List tab – Screen shot


1.2           New user with existing Userid will not be allowed to be created


Duplicate user id will not be allowed and will get an error message. This is irrespective of any branch. New user will only be created with non- existing userids.

  • Existing user id in the application:


  • If we try to create New User with same userid and different branch it will throw error message and will not be allowed.




1.3           Referred Min Margin Percentage field for Client

  • Referred Min Margin Percentage is added on client company info tab. This field is mandatory when the document type uploaded is TOB or TOBC and if placements exist for the client.


  • When net margin % of a Referred placement goes below this value, login manager approval is required. An entry is created in audit list whenever net margin % value is set below the Referred Min Margin Percentage for referred placements.


 Referred Placement screen shot:


Login Manager screen shot:



Audit List Screen shot:


1.4           Save Audit Checklist:

  • Save Draft : It will save selected checkboxes and comments without raising any validation warning.
  • Form will also save on click of “Notify Accounts” and “Send Query”.
  • When Audit checklist will be open again it will pre populate last selected checkboxes and comments.



1.5           Report To column added in Sales Form Report and Placement Search Export To xls and pdf

New column “ Report To” has been added to Sales Form Report and Placement Search Export to .xls and .pdf. The value of this column is found in Edit Placement à Client tab à Report To field for that particular placement.

Edit Placement –> Client tab screenshot:


Placement Search Export to xls screenshot:



Sales Form Export to xls screenshot:



1.6           Lock Placement is now renamed to Cleared for Payrun.

Lock placement audit status  is renamed to Cleared for Payrun at various screens in RL. Few of them can be seen in below screenshots. Messages have also been updated accordingly in audit list and during Invoicing.

Placement Search Screenshot:


Edit Placement Screenshot:



1.7           Paste HTML Code on Campaign Editor

  • On composing mail campaign it’s Html editor will show button “HTML”.




  • It will open editor where you paste/type html code of mail campaign body.






  • This feature is also provided on email signatures in email setting:







1.8           Insurance values added at client level:

Client insurance values for all type are added on Client screen, when client paying insurance is yes. Value for  PI and PL is mandatory if the respective type of insurance is selected and placement exist for the client and TOB or TOBC type of document is uploaded.

Edit Client –> Company Info tab Screenshot:



  • These value can be seen on placement as well on Contract details tab

Edit Placement –> Contract Details Screenshot:


  • Same will be reflected on audit check list


  • Same will be reflected on Sales Form


1.9           Option to update Payment Terms on Placement


Value of Payments terms field in  Edit Client screen –> Company Info tab  can be changed at placement by clicking on Confirm button and then Save the client which appear while changing the values of payment terms. On click on Cancel and Save values will change only at client level.





NOTE :- For all fields  in Edit Client screen –> Company Info tab  which has similar options to Reflect Changes on Placement will add Notes for the client and all placements existing for that particular client.

Edit Client –> Notes tab Screenshot:


Edit Placement –> Notes tab Screenshot:


1.10      PO number or PO Follow up mandatory if PO Required is Yes

If Po number is selected Yes at client level then PO number is mandatory at placement of that client. If PO Number is not filled then PO Number FollowUp check box becomes mandatory.

Note: – Please note that PO number or PO Follow Up is mandatory only if Automated Sales Form and Finance Module are enabled .

Edit Client –> Company Info tab Screenshot:



Edit Placement –> Client tab Screenshot:



Placement will be allowed to be Cleared for Payrun only if PO number is provided and PO Followup is unticked or unchecked.


“PO FollowUp”  is also added as new filter criteria on Placement Search screen which will search all those Placements whose PO FollowUp field is checked or ticked in Client tab of that particular placement.

Placement Search Screen shot:


PO FollowUp column is also now added to Placement Search Report when Exported to EXCEL / PDF

Placement Search Report screenshot:




1.11      ABN – Validation

  • Verify button will only be enable if input number length is 9 or 11.
  • ABN validation will only work if input number length is 9 or 11, otherwise it will allow to save form without any warning.






This change is applicable for all ABN  Numbers entered on all forms like Client, Placements forms.


ABN changes on Audit Checklist:

In case ABN number length is not 9 or 11 then it will ask for manual verification:


1.12      Notify Auditor to Payroll Company Contact too in certain cases


Notify Auditor notification will be sent  to payroll company contact email address too if:


  • Contractor Entity Type in Contractor tab of Edit Placement  is Umbrella company


  • Entity Name is of Internal type Client


  • SF Compliance counter is Zero


1.13      Timesheet Processing/ Entry:  upload of bills or any other documents with against predefined document type – deferred

  • In Timesheet list there is option to Add Additional Lines


  • On click of this icon, Additional Line screen will be shown. User can now add Additional Line and click on Save. New row with Additional Lines will be shown.


  • User has option to upload document against each Line
  • New additional Lines will be displayed without Timesheet id in the Timesheet list.

2          Sales and Purchase

2.1           Manual Credit Note Generation


Manual Credit Note Generation is allowed for Posted Sales Invoice. Its generation is controlled by a Right called: Allow to generate the Credit Note Manually, by default it is denied.













Reasons for Credit Note Generation can be added in to system from  Admin –> Library –> Codes –> Library Code = Credit Note Reason.

If any more needs to be added, then we can use it.







On Posted Sales Invoice, we have a button called “Generate Credit Note”, on click it opens a Popup in which user has to fill the Date of Credit Note (which is current Date) and the reason for generating it.





To generate the Manual Sales Invoice, first open the Sales Invoice as follows:-

Finance–>List–>Sales Invoice–> Status: Posted
















If Date of Credit Note is less than the Sales Invoice Posting Date then it will show error message stating that Credit Note should be greater than the Sales Invoice posting date.




After filling Date and reason click on Save button to save the credit note and it will save the credit note in the system against this invoice and stamps a note against the Invoice saying: Manual Credit Note <number> generated successfully.



List of all generated Credit Notes is available at : Finance–>List–>Credit Note , all these credit notes needs to be posted in Navision , as per existing process.


2.2           Permanent Placement filter added on Sales Invoice List screen

New filter of permanent placements has been added on Sales Invoice List screen


  • If Permanent Placement checkbox is ticked then only those invoices will be listed whose Sales Invoice Lines have Permanent placement type .


  • If Permanent Placement checkbox is unticked then only those invoices will be listed whose Sales Invoice Lines have Contract and Contract Extension placement type.


  • Permanent placements cannot be consolidated hence consolidate button is not available if this check box is ticked




2.3           New columns added in Contractor Timesheet List and report.


  • Following new columns have been added to Contractor Timesheet List:


a)      Margin Only

b)      Placement Type à Permanent/Contract New/ Contract Extension

c)       Timesheet Start Date

d)      Placement  End Date

e)      RLSubmit Date

f)       RLAudit Date

g)      RL Submitter

h)      RL Auditor

Finance –> List –> Contractor Timesheet List Screenshot:



  • These columns are also included in Contractor Timesheet Report when exported to Excel.

Finance –> List –>Contractor Timesheet –> Excel Report Screenshot:




2.4           Job Placement: Missing Sales-Form Compliances


Audit Checklist:

  • At bottom of Audit Checklist, there will be Compliance block, by default it will show all checkbox selected.
  • Auditor need to verify and unselect checkbox
  • Auditor can provide comments








  • If any of non-compliance is checked it will allow to do only “Send Query”


  • And if all are unchecked it will show “Notify Accounts”



  • After Send Query it will increase compliance reject count by 1, and count will appear in placement status bar.




  • Send Query mail will show compliance check list with status







  • Audit History will show non-compliance status and comments:




Placement Search – on Non-Compliance







  • Non-Compliance Checkbox: This checkbox will list all the placements  which were non-compliance in past at least once, (may be now they are compliant), it will help in finding


Placement Report : It will show compliance status and comments:


Automated fortnightly report : Branch wise report for non-compliance placements:

Schedule: Report will be sent on alternate Monday morning



2.5           New column added in Placement Search, Sales Form Report and  Bible report.


  • Column “Hours per week “of particular placement has been added to Placement Search, Sales Form Report and Bible report.




Sales Form Report screenshot:





Placement Search Report screenshot:



Bible Report screenshot:








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