Release Notes IT Iteration 20

New functionality

1.  PABX Calling functionality:

This functionality is added to allow users to dial call from their system and also save notes against the same.

1.1 PABX Calling related admin settings:

Enable this functionality as per screen shot below













1.2  PABX Calling related User settings:

Fill user PABX details on user accounts page as follows

2 3





1.3    PABX Call-How to use:

On address&Tel tab of User will see the highlighted icons, which will be used to make the call.





On click of highlighted icon following pop  will  appear. User need to click on the the circular window to initiate the call.









Call starts after this and another pop opens to show returned message from PABX and also option to add quick notes by the user.









2. PABX Call Log:

This functionality is added to view PABX call log detals. This give details about PABX calls done by users.

2.1     PABX Call Log settings

PABX settings in company setting:

  • Go to Admin –> Company –>Details

Click on “Yes” option against “PABX Enabled” and click on save button. If PABX is enabled then the user can able to fill the PABX user Id and Password in “Edit User” screen.

7Now go to RL -> Admin tab -> Users -> List and click on any User Name to edit the details. Here in the “Advanced” section the PABX credentials will be displayed to fill.

Admin tab -> Users -> List -> Edit User screenshot:


2.2   PABX Call Log Report

Role to view “PABX Call Log” report: 

Go to Admin ->Users -> List and click on “Edit Roles” icon against the user for which you want to assign he role.


Click on “Allowed” option against “Allow to view PABX Report” and click on save button. If this is allowed then the user can able to see the PABX report on “Reports -> Consultant” section.










Now go to RL -> Report tab -> Consultant -> PABX Call Log. Here user can see all the PABX Call log details for the specified period. The user can also search any call log by providing the search criteria.


Report tab -> Consultant ->  PABX Call Log screenshot:

11Here user can also export the report in excel format. To export click on he “Export to Excel” icon. Here is the screen shot of the exported report.