Release Notes Sales and Purchase Iteration 21

1. Add Consolidated Attachment, Yes/No option on Edit Client

New option to set Consolidated attachment or not is while  sending/ dispatching Invoices which means Invoice with Timesheet’s as attachment should be one PDF when Consolidated Attachment is set as Yes.

Client -> EditClient -> CompanyInfo Tab












2. New field Custom Field on Invoice, added on Edit Client

Client -> EditClient -> CompanyInfo Tab

This field will be shown as is on the sales form and Sales Invoice. Sometimes client wants to add something on the Invoice, to facilitate that it is created.


3. Show format of address filled on Invoices

To reduce the confusion of how to read / fill the biller address on Invoices.








4. Ariba upload for Pay code Meal Break

Contractors filling Ariba Timesheet with Pay Code “MealBreak” will be treated as 0 units. Comments for such entries will be inserted on timesheet when Ariba timsheets are uploaded for Pay Code “MealBreak”.














Edit Time sheet


 Change Requests

1 Pay run sheet export to Excel – — suffix PayNumber Name in the filename
2 Manual Sales invoice change TAX% to GST %
3 Add two columns TransactionType and TransactionTypeDescription in Contractor Timesheet xls / pdf

Bugs & Fixes

1 Placement lookup in manual sales invoice screen is slow
2 Sales Invoice — on selection of billing contact, address is getting prefixed with billing client name