Timesheet Live : Process of checking overlapping contracts, overlapping weeks and future leave

A.  TSL-> New changes are added in TSL flow. Changes are done for the following cases:

  • Timesheet for Overlapping contracts in a week for same client

Previously user has to fill 2 different timesheets for multiple contracts falling in same week for same client. Now User needs to fill single timesheet for multiple placements for the same client falling in same week.

Multiple contracts’ details will be displayed on UI with start and end dates as shown below.



  • Timesheet for Overlapping week contracts for different clients

User can fill timesheets for overlapping contracts in same week for different clients. User need to select client from dropdown in this case as shown below.



B. TSL – Future Leave: TSL will allow submitting and approving future week’s leave.





Once user ticks “Please tick here if you did not work this week”, then “Save” button will disappear and it will show “Submit” button.


Now user can submit leave for future week by clicking submit button.