How to start using TimesheetLive


The Timesheet Live (TSL) system is an Electronic Timesheet submission system designed to streamline the timesheet submission and authorization process between the Client, Contractor and Agency.


  • Visibility over timesheets submitted/approved/rejected/not submitted
  • Central repository of previously approved timesheets.
  • Speed and ease of transmission of timesheets.
  • No more weekending / amount of payable hours / days errors, either in submission or payment
  • Friendly reminders of timesheets that have not been submitted


Your initial correspondence will be in the form of an e-mail from your agency (example shown below) which will give you your login and password

The User name remains constant however when you log on for the first time you are given the option of resetting the automatic password to something more memorable for you.

Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a number of options on the front screen.

Clicking the “View Timesheet” option will take you into the timesheet maintenance and input screen shown below from where you can see the status of any existing timesheets and also submit new timesheets.

This is done by clicking on the “My Timesheet” link on the left hand list.
The next screen is the Timesheets list; you can view the current timesheet by clicking on “Current Timesheet”



This takes you to the blank Timesheet page where you choose any date during the week you are submitting a timesheet for, from the drop down calendar and input the hours that you worked that week.

If you are responding to a reminder e-mail then the date will already be selected for you.

Hours should be inputted using a 24 hour clock format including breaks and any comments should be put in the “Notes” box to the right of the timesheet.


At this point you have the option of saving the timesheet (this allows you to alter it if you need to, but will not submit it) or to “Submit” the timesheet which will send it to the approver for authorization.

If you select “Submit” then you cannot change the details on it unless the approver rejects the
** Neither the approver nor the contractor can edit approved timesheets through Timesheet Live. **




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