What is Soft delete of lists

Soft Delete of lists functionality is added. It will not delete the list permanently but will move the list to “Deleted lists” section in the List drop down. Soft delete is for both temporary and permanent lists. List can be restored again from the list page.

 Client View list:  On list screen, Click on “Remove” button.



After confirmation, selected list will be removed and “Remove” button will be disappeared.Blank list page is displayed as shown below.



Deleted list will be added in “Deleted List” section as shown below.



Now load the deleted list from the drop down, click on “Restore” button. It will restore the list after confirmation and will be showing in the top list section again.





Client manage list: To remove list from manage list section, click on “Remove list” button from action column. After confirmation it will delete the list and the corresponding row will become pink. To restore the list, click the restore button in Action column.

 To remove the list permanently, click on “permanent Delete” as shown below.



After confirmation, it will delete the list permanently.

Same functionality is implemented for Contact list, Candidate list and Job list.

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