Recruitlive – Automated Sales Form Audit Process


The objective of this module is to automate the Sales Form Audit process.


  1. Sales Form Audit process will be automated.
  2. All communication between consultants, Contractor care, Auditor, Accounts will be available in the Recruit live system itself at one click from Placement->Email History tab.
  3. Status of Sales Form Audit Process  can be known at just one click from Placement->Audit List tab
  4. All the  stake holders can know the status of the ‘Sales Form Audit’  at  every level

Workflow of Automated Sales Form Audit


  1. Creates the Placement and saves the Sales Form.
  2. Consultant-> Click on ‘Submit Sales Form’,  System will ask for Candidate level documents.
  3. Once all documents are uploaded then compliance checklist will appear.
  4. Once all are ticked then only system will show the button to Notify Contractor Care Team.
  5. Once the button  Notify contractor care team is clicked then it will open the mail compose window. Checklist will populate in mail compose window.
  6. The Sales Form is forwarded to Contractor care.


Contractor Care

  1. Verifies the Sales form.
  2. They will click on ‘Notify Auditor’ to forward the Sales Form to the Auditor.
  3. On click of ‘Notify Auditor’, System will ask for Singed client contractor and Signed contractor contract documents. Once both are ticked under Contract Details tab and document are uploaded, then it will allow to proceed further.
  4. They will also have the option to ‘Notify Payroll’, If the entity type = Umbrella and Contractor company is of type ‘Internal’.
  5. After sent mail to Auditor, Auditor Notified will be ticket automatically.



  1. Verifies the Sales Form.  We can use Send Query for any communication/ query.
  2. He will be able to see the option to ‘Notify Accounts’
  3. i.  If   at company level ‘Show Audit Check List’ is set as ‘Yes’ ->’Audit Check list’ screen will be displayed.

          a)      Once user clicks on ‘Audited’, step (ii) will follow.

ii.      If it is set as ‘No’->Sales Form will be forwarded to Accounts.


  1. Verifies the Sales Form. We can use Send Query for any communication/ query.
  2. Once Accounts verified, he will select the check box ‘Cleared for Payrun’->Save the placement
  3. No user will be able to make any changes now as ‘SAVE’ button will not available.
  4. No further action will be allowed in the Audit section for any user except ‘Reset Audit’.

Special cases

Case 1: User has some query and need to send communication for the same:

 At any of the above mentioned stage (I, II, III, IV ) of Sales Form, if the logged in user wants to send any query or communication, they can use the ‘Send Query’. All the mails send through ‘Send Query’ will be listed in the email History tab of the placement.

Case 2:  The Sales Form Audit Process needs to be rolled back

System provides the option to roll back the Sales Form Audit process at any stage. Option to ‘Reset Audit’ will be available in the ribbon bar->Audit section.

 Case 3:  The Sales Form needs to be resubmitted

In case the sales form needs to be resubmitted, system provides the option to ‘Re-Submit’ sales form to the consultant and the contractor care.

This option is available till the sales Form has not been notified to the Auditor.

Placement Audit Process:

    Who will have access

  1.  I: Company should have the access for using Automated Sales Form Audit
    1. Admin->Company->Automated Sales Form Audit Enabled’: This should be set to ‘Yes’
  2. II: User should have appropriate access permission for the actions at each stage of Sales Form.
  3. III. User should have the email account setup in Recruit live.

Consultant Level – Submit Sales form:

  1. i. Placement is created by the consultant.
  2. ii. Audit Status of the ‘Sales Form’ is ‘Pending’ at this stage
  3. iii. Consultant will forward it to the Contractor care by clicking on ‘Submit Sales Form’ button.
  4. iv.  Sales form will be generated automatically on click of “Submit Sales form” button and if all candidate level documents are uploaded. Otherwise, system will throw validation message “no document uploaded”1


v. System will show Compliance check list screen.










vi. Once all are ticked or verified, Consultant will click on Notify Contractor Care button.

vii. The Compose screen will load with the appropriate recipient subject and body.

    • Recipient : Contractor care address set in Admin->Company->Contractor care address
    • Subject, Body : As per the mail template setup in Admin->Mail template (refer section 4.1.1) and Checklist will populate in mail compose window.
    • Attachment : Sales Form will be attached in the mail.


  1. vii. Once the mail is send,
    1. Success message will be displayed to the user.
    2. Audit list tab will be updated.
    3. Email History tab will be updated.
    4. ‘Sales Form Submitted’  Checkbox will be ticked2



  1.  viii. Audit list tab will be updated.  An entry will be made in the list with Remarks as ‘Sales Form Submitted’, user ID as the Consultant who submitted the Sales Form.




  • viii. Email History tab will be updated with the details. A row will be added in the list with the details of the mail send by the consultant to the Contractor care.



Re-Submit Sales Form:

i)      System provides the option to ‘Re-Submit’ Sales Form till the sales form has not been notified to the auditor.





ii)      Once the Sales Form reaches the ‘Auditor’, then this option will not be available

Contractor Care Level – Notify Auditor / Payroll

  1. i. Contractor care will be notified via email. He can login and check the current status of the Sales Form.
  2. ii. The Audit tab will display the current status
  3. iii. They can verify the sales Form.
  4. iv.  In case they have any queries they can use ‘Send Mail’ from the ribbon to send email to the respective consultant or any other email address.
  5.  v. Once there queries are answered and they are OK with the Sales Form details,  they will  forward the sales Form to the Auditors by clicking on  ‘Ribbon bar->Audit-> Notify Auditor‘



  • vi. In case,Contractor Care Entity Type is Umbrella Company and Contractor Company is Internal Client                    ‘Ribbon bar->Audit->Notify Payroll ‘ will also available.
    • The process will be same as for ‘Notify Auditor’.
    • Recipient email address will be picked from Entity Type = Umbrella company client.
    • In the mail attachment, following documents will be attached: IPS referral
  • vii. Compose mail screen will be displayed with the appropriate recipient, mail subject and body. User can click on ‘Send’ mail. Mail will be send
    1. Recipient : Contractor care address set in Admin->Company->Auditor care address
    2. Subject, Body : As per the mail template setup in Admin->Mail template
    3. Attachment :  For extensions and amendments only Sales Form will be attached. For New Placements, the following will be attached
      • Sales Form
      • Signed Contractor Contract
      • Signed Client Contract
  1. viii. Once the mail is send,
    •  Success message will be displayed to the user.
    • Email History tab will be updated.
    • ‘Notified to Auditor’ Checkbox will be ticked



  • In case of Umbrella company, Notified Payroll will also be ticked.




  1. ix. Audit list tab will be updated.  An entry will be made in the list with Remarks as ‘Mailed to Notify Auditor’, user ID as the contractor care user who forwarded the Sales Form.




  1. x.  Email History tab will be updated with the details. An entry will be made in the list with the sender Name and other details. Subject column is a hyperlink which will open the mail send.



Auditor Level – Notify Accounts


  1. i. Auditor will get notifications via email. He can login and check the current status of Audit Sales form.
  2. ii. The Audit tab will display the current status.
  3. iii.  In case they have any queries they can use ‘Send Mail’ from the ribbon to send email to the respective consultant or Contractor care or any other email.



  1. iv. Once mail sent, then System will tick ’Approved by Auditor’ check box.
  2. v. Only after the above step, the Audit process will move further. The next action will be available to Auditor only after step vii.
  3. vi. The option ‘Audit checklist’ will be visible to them in Ribbon bar -> Audit section.

Screenshot002This screen will be shown if the setting is ‘Yes’ for Admin->Company->Details->’Show Audit Check List’.

vii.  When ‘Audit checklist‘ is clicked, then it will populate the values.



 –  In case user has any query and wish to get them verified by someone, he can click on ‘Send Query.    The list displayed on the screen will be added in the mail.

– Once all the tick boxes are ticked and ‘is non-compliant’ section is un-ticked, then System will show ‘Notify Accounts’.

-Click on ‘Notify Accounts’, Compose Mail screen will be displayed to send mail to Accounts.

  1.  viii. Compose mail screen will be displayed with the appropriate recipient, mail subject and body. User can click on ‘Send’. Mail will be send.
  • Recipient : Accounts  address set in Admin->Company->Accounts email address
  • Subject, Body : As per the mail template setup in Admin->Mail template.
  • Attachment :  For extensions and amendments only Sales Form will be attached. For New Placements, the following will be attached
    • Sales Form
    • Signed Contractor Contract
    • Signed Client Contract
  1.  x. Once the mail is send,
    •  Success message will be displayed to the user.
    • Email History tab will be updated.
    • Accounts Notified check box will be ticked





xi. Audit list tab will be updated.  An entry will be made in the list with Remarks as Approved by auditor and Mailed to Notify Accounts’, with User ID.





  1.   xii. Email History tab will be updated with the details. An entry will be made in the list with the sender Name and other details. Subject column is a hyperlink which will open the mail send.

Accounts Level – Cleared for Payrun Placement

  1. i.  When Accounts  login, they will be able to see the email from the consultant, Contractor care in the email history tab
  2. ii. The Audit tab will display the current status
  3. iii.  They can verify the sales Form.
  4. iv. For any communication/query they can use ribbon->’Send Mail ‘.
  5. v. Accounts can then click on ‘Cleared for Payrun’ check box ->Click on Save
  6. vi. Once the accounts save the placement by marking as ‘Cleared for Payrun’ -> ‘Save’ button will not be available
  7. vii. Audit List tab will be updated




Reset Audit

  • i. This option will be allowed to user who has the access right to ‘Allow Reset Sales Form’.


  1. ii. By clicking on this option, the following screen will be displayed.







  1. iii. Reason is mandatory to enter. Once the user clicks on Save->

a.Audit list tab will be updated. ‘Audit Reset. Reason:     xxxx ‘

b.The placement’s Audit status will be rolled back to ‘Pending’


c.All checkboxes will be unticked.





Create Templates for mail body for Audit Process

This screen will allow the user to create templates for the

‘Audit Form Sales Audit’ for various stages.


  1.  i.  Admin->Template->Mail Template






  1.   ii. For each of the item selected, click on ‘Load’. The template will be loaded.


  1. iii. Various tags are available for ‘Subject’ section  and ‘Body’ section
  2. iv. User can place the tags at appropriate places
  3. v. Once done, click on ‘Save’. The template will be saved.
  4. vi. This mail screen will load with the respective template at all stages of the Sales Form.





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